Tuesday, November 24, 2015

(Korean Drama) May Queen

This drama will talk about family's life which is very complicated sometimes.

May Queen ( 메이퀸 )

Genre : Romance, Melodrama
Episodes : 38

Main Cast :
Han Ji-hye as Chun Hae-joo
Kim Jaewon as Kang San / Ryan Kang
Jae Hee as Park Chang-hee

At first, when i look into this drama, i think that its too long. 38 episodes woow !! so long..is it going to be a boring one ? But, when i saw Kim Jaewon inside it, i decided to watch it hahahaha and also it has a happy ending. So, it won't hurt anybody right ? :P

This drama started way back from when Chun Hae-joo is still just a little baby, don't know anything about ambitions, betrayal, etc but she is the victim of it, then like a snowball, faith brings everything together and punish who gets in the wrong way in its time. Little Chun Hae-joo has a very big heart. She knows that his mother is a stepmother and she is very cruel to her. But, instead she sticks with her even in her difficult time. Even when she is in the happiest place, she didn't throw away her stepmother neither want some payback.

Kang San and his grandfather has a very good relationship that makes me laugh everytime they interact to each other hahahaha 

Finally, after all the difficulties, Chun Hae-joo gets what she deserves. That's a relieve.

My Thought

Glad i found this film and want to learn as much as i can to be like Chun Hae-joo. She has a very big heart also i'm admiring her because she can do man's job like welding, etc. Its a very impressive for me since she is a girl. You know what i mean. Its a great drama that i can learn so much from it especially for being a such big hearted human which is sometimes soo hard to do.