Friday, February 21, 2014

Makeup Inspired by Selena Gomez (Love You Like A Love Song)

Hi Guys !!

Today's makeup is going to be inspired by Selena Gomez in her mv "Love You Like A Love Song". You can see how i make my winged eyeliner too. Hope you enjoy, please subcribe aand thanks for watching :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick 028 Rose Nectar

Lately i've been really into coral color and that's include for lipstick color. When i walk to Revlon booth, they sell this lipstick with special price so of course i have to grab one. 

It comes in a simple black color with indented criss cross pattern and there is the lipstick color on top of the lipstick cap. It looks classy in my opinion. The color on top of the lipstick is very useful too when it comes to the "hurry time".

At the bottom of the lipstick, it has a sticker that tells you the name and number of the lipstick's shade.

There is "REVLON" word engraved in the lipstick and its pretty i think.

This lipstick is a sheer pink coral lipstick with glitters in it. This photo don't do the justice. You can't see the pink but in person, you definitely can see a hint of pink in it. The texture is creamy and really easy to apply. I wouldn't say its moisturizing but it doesn't dry out my lips either. 

if you want to see how i wear it, you can see it HERE

YES !!
classy packaging 
there is a color indicator on top of the cap
love the color
not dried up my lips

Errr...NO !!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Makeup Collaboration : Colorful Valentine Makeup Collab

So happy that finally Gabby can join our makeup collab ! yeeyy !!
This time i was joined Rini, Via and Gabby for valentine makeup look. Please kindly visit to their makeup look too. ^ ^

Tomorrow is already valentine's day guys !! what is your plan to celebrate it ? if you don't have a boyfriend (or boyfriends maybe XD ) , don't worry ! just celebrate it with your girlfriends. watch movie, eat popcorn, shopping and pyjamas party maybe. see ? there is so much things you can do even if you don't have a boyfriend right ?

anyway Happy Valentine's Day guys..hope you have a great one! ^ ^

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Tenacious Teal

Maybelline color tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow is a cream eyeshadow that supposed to bear 24-hour wear without creasing and have intense color payoff. There are currently ten shades and this time i will review the tenacious teal one.

It comes in a hard heavy glass container and a screw on black lid. 

The texture is creamy and smooth. It easily blended and extremely pigmented !! also they stay for hours. Because of the creamy texture, you can use this as a colored eye primers too. It helps your eye makeup stay on longer and make the color more intense. You can use this as an eyeliner too. Multi purpose product !! love it !!

YES !!
extremely pigmented
stay on for hours
multipurpose product (can wear it alone, as a colored eye primer and eyeliner)
easily blended

Errr...NO !!
like other cream product its easily dried up in the container but its okay. I can use my eyedrops to fix it :)

Overall i loove this product. If you want to see how i wear it, just click HERE

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Blogging Competition with B Blog

Hi everyone !!

BBlog  is hold a blogging competition in celebration of the Valentine's Day. This competition is about telling someone you care through a blog. So today i will talk about "Joni" . Who is "Joni" ? What he can do ? Let's see some of his pose. :P

When i rub his neck, his head and neck feather will definitely stand ! hahaha 
and when i rub his head, he will close his eyes. Looks like he is enjoying it.

When he knows that i'm taking his picture, he will pose -.-" what a coquettish bird.

When he first come, he don't want to be in the cage. If someone want to put him in the cage, he definitely will be angry and bite that person !! So its decided that we won't put him in the cage, we just chain him. Buuuttt... he often break his chain.. -.-" He is soooo happy after breaking his chain. Here is his reaction after doing that.

He dance !!


He can raised his foot. Usually when he do that, he wants to do the shake hand :P

He can say "pagi", "halo" and his own name "Joni". He even can "woof" like a dog HAHAHA We give him sunflowers seed and bread to feed him.

Yuukk ikutan  berpartisipasi dalam B Blog Valentine Blogging Competition !!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inaura Hair Nutrient Spray

Hi guys !! In this post i will talk about hair product. This time its the Inaura Hair Nutrient Spray and its with Keratin in it. Keratin is one of the nutrient that the hair needs it. It comes in a clear bottle. 

I use it as my heat protectant so i use it before i curl or straighten my hair. It claims to give more shine and protect the hair from UV light too. 

It comes in a spray and a clear plastic cap so i don't have to use my hands to apply it to my hair. Just spray it to my hair.

The product itself is kind of runny and has no color in it (its clear) . It contains oil in it. 

YES !!
give my hair more shine 
my hair becomes so soft !!
moisturize my hair

Errr... NO !!
the packaging looks cheap

anyone of you ever try this product ?
tell me about it..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Nutrisari Rasa Leci

Nutrisari rasa Leci merupakan serbuk instan rasa leci dan sirsak dengan tambahan esensi manggis, brokoli dan asparagus di dalamnya. Minuman bubuk yang satu ini tinggi vitamin C dengan sumber 6 vitamin dan 2 mineral.

Kali ini aku beruntung banget terpilih jadi salah satu reviewer buat nyobain nutrisari rasa leci ini. Seneng dech karena aku suka banget sama buah leci. (^_^/)/

Minuman bubuk ini mengandung vitamin A, B1, B3, B6, Asam Folat, vitamin C, E bahkan ada kalsium dan fosfor. Woowww banyak vitaminnya ! ! jadi bukan hanya sekedar minuman biasa yang menyegarkan tetapi juga sehat. Selain itu, di samping box juga terdapat petunjuk penyajiannya.


Minuman ini dikemas dalam kemasan box dan semacam kantung aluminium foil seperti kemasan susu.

Serbuknya berwarna putih.

yuummm segaarr !! enaakk !! :p siang-siang minum es nutrisari rasa leci..

YES !!
rasanya enaakk
banyak vitamin dan mineral

Errr...NO !!
di tempatku agak sulit mendapatkannya.

Last, thank you buat kesempatannya..