Monday, November 18, 2013

My Version of Potato Hash

do you have lunch yet ? or its time for dinner ? don't know what to cook ?

maybe this could be your choice..potato hash..its one of my favorite meal ^ ^ and of course very easy to make.. :p don't really like the hard one because i'm already hungry before the cook is finished.. haha

so lets jump to the recipe..

first you will need :

olive oil

butter (i'm using forVITA but you can use any butter you have) 2 tablespoon

potato (peeled and cut into cubes) 250gr

spinach (wash up clean)

3 cloves of garlic, minced

salt and blackpepper

Lets make it..

preheat the oil and butter over medium heat

add the potatoes and toss to coat them in the oil and butter

Allow the potatoes to cook covered for 10 minutes in medium - low heat

see ? some potatoes become golden brown..thats what you're looking for..after that, toss them and get them to be almost in a single layer, let it stand for a few minutes, toss them again, flat them again for few minutes, toss them again, continue doing it so they can develop more color.

add the spinach, stir. Last add the garlic, salt and blackpepper. Stir for a couple minutes.


ready to serve..yuumm

hope you enjoy the recipe and see you next time.. ^_^