Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pack for a Trip

"I want to bring all my stuff in my room !!" :p
I used to be like that when i pack for a trip. Anyone ever feels like that too ?
Buutt now i have some tips to save space in my suitcase and prevented me to bring things that's not important. Here is the tips :

1. Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing.

2. Remember travel documents such as passport, credit card, ID, etc !!

3. When you bring your gadget such as phone , ipad , laptop, etc , remember to bring their charger too. You can't use your gadget when their battery died right ?

4. Check the climate for the place where do you want to go so you can pack the right clothes and bring only what you know you will use. Don't bring all your clothes with you please.. :p I know you want it. I want it too. haha but you can't.. because it will be a burden..

5. Bring your makeup sample so you don't have to bring the whole size when you just need to use a little, enough for your whole trip. 

6. Bring only the makeup things that you will need. Remember you want to enjoy the trip right ? or you want to go to a party with full makeup ? natural is beautiful..

7. Plastic bag. You can use it to keep your dirty clothes or toiletries or etc. It is always handy to have a few plastic bags.

8. Split up your valuables. Bring it with you. Don't put it in your luggage. Split up into different pocket or bags too. So in case you get robbed, not all your valuables things get lost.

9. Don't take too many electrical products such as hair dryers. The hotel will provide it for you. If your room doesn't have it, you can always call the room service and ask for it.

10. Remember to bring some vitamins, drugs for emergency use such as diarrhea, dizzy, etc.

That's it ! hope this tips could help you guys..
have fun with your trip.. ^ ^
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