Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review My Favorite PAC Martha Tilaar part 4 : PAC Brush Cleanser

First time i got this, i am very pleased because i'm looking for a brush cleanser that can moisturize my brush too. not only just cleanse them.

This PAC brush cleanser contains 240ml clear color liquid in a glass bottle. At first when i open it, i smell a strong alcohol and fragrance.( @_@ ) But after i cleanse my brush with this, my brush become so fragant and soft. I love the fragrant..its not as strong as when you first open the bottle. It become it !!

Usually to clean my brush, i pour this a little on a tissue and then i rub my brush into the tissue a couple times until my brush is clean and i can use my brush again in seconds because it contains alcohol, it dry pretty fast. yeeyy !! (/^_^)/ 
sometimes i still deep clean my brushes (i will explain how i deep clean my brushes next time) but most of the time, when i want to use the same brush for couple different eyeshadow, i use this to clean my brush and then i'm good to go to another one.
My brushes become so soft, fragrant and of course there is no bacteria in it. (*^.^*) love this !!

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