Wednesday, February 17, 2016

( Korean Drama ) Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus ( 오 마이 비너스 )

Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes : 16
Main Cast :

Don't you think Shin Min-A is a little bit looks like Shu Qi guys ??
Especially, her lips.

Kim Young-ho born in a wealthy family, buutt quiet a mess family. Not really has a happy life. He has to comes in and out of rehabilitation and hospital since he was a kid. His mother was gone in a car accident too when he was sick. I guess money can't buy happiness right ?
But, even without a mother, he grows up to be a gentleman. He is not being rude to a big size woman. Instead, he is so kind. Makes me loves his character even more <3

 Love this drama for the comedy scene. Really.. hahahahaha

Kim Young-ho ended up being Kang Joo-Eun's personal trainer. At first, its because Kang Joo-eun insist it. But, at the end, Kim Young-ho falls in love with her.

My Thought

I always love watching comedy drama and this drama is one of it. Even Kim Young-ho at first is a serious character but he has his funny side too especially in his expression hahahahaha You should watch it by yourself.
Watching this drama also makes me realise that money can't buy everything. Maybe 90% of the things on earth you can buy with money but that are certain things. Essential things that you can't buy with it and without it, it feels empty.


  1. suka dramanya ^^ lucuu

  2. this is also one of my favourite drama :)

  3. I looved this drama so much, watched it almost over one night hah! Favourite couple so far. It was so cute and funny x

    1. hahahaha
      really ?

      agree with you
      they're cute couple

  4. I love when the male characters are so serious, while the female characters are always so clumsy! I haven't seen this yet, but it's definitely on my "to-watch" list <3

  5. nice post! I'm so gonna watch this!!! :'D

    Thankyou for sharing!
    From Jakarta, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤