Monday, March 24, 2014

Review L'oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up Remover for waterproof make-up

Hellooww my friends !!
This time i will do a review on my lip and eye make-up remover from L'oreal. I have already repurchased it many times but always forget to do a review about it :(

It comes in a plastic bottle so i don't have to worry when i drop it, since i'm very sloppy :P
It doesn't sting my eyes and a little goes a loongg way. When i use it excessively, it does gets greasy and makes my eyes blurred for a while. But when i use the right amount of it, it does an amazing job. Usually i put it on my cotton pad and put it on my eyes about 3 - 5 seconds and wipe it. WALLAAA my eyes make-up is gone !! and when i used it to wipe my lipstick, my lips feel moist. Is it just me ? or all of you feel the same too ?

The product itself comes in two color. Blue at the top and clear at the bottom. You must shake it well first then you can use it.

YES !!
clear my waterproof makeup easily
don't sting my eyes
makes my lips feel moist 

Errr...NO !!
Its hard to close the cap. 


  1. Wah, perlu dicoba nih :p

  2. thank you for sharing this review. aku juga dulu sempet pake ini, cuma sayangnya agak besar ya packagingnya jadi ga travel friendly :S


    1. iya..kalau traveling mesti beli yang packagingnya lbh kecil si
      thanks for stopping by and leave comment :D

  3. Thx for stopping by my blog ^^
    I followed you dear :D

  4. nice review!! i think i need this one <3