Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maybelline Up To 36H New Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 01 Black

Hi my friends !!
In my previous post HERE , i have ever ask about a good eyeliner and some of you suggest me to try Maybelline's gel liner. Let me tell you about it. Its AHHMAAZING !! Thank you to all of you who suggest me to try this gel liner.

It comes in a box. 

I pick the color black and it comes with a brush. The jar is a square cut plastic jar with a screw cap. Love the packaging because its from plastic so when i drop it, it won't break nor crack :p

This gel liner is perfect for making wing eyeliner or put in the waterline. It stays on up to 8 hours without smudge. I have never use it up to 36 hours though. It glides smoothly, dries quickly and matte. The color is very intense too.

YES !!
Intense color
Glides smoothly
Dries fast
Smudge proof
Dries matte
Long lasting

Errr...NO !!
a little disturbing when i must bring to any occasion because there is two item that i must bring, jar and brush.

If you want to see how i wear it, just click HERE


  1. i just run out of eyeliner
    and after read your blog, i obviously want to try that
    thank you for sharing

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    1. glad that my blog helps you out.. i love this eyeliner..hope you will love it too

  2. Gel eyeliners are great, nice review, xoxo.

  3. Wow kekeke waterproof AND long lasting?? Hahaha I love the review and even the little glass box. Might give this a try. Thanks for the post love!

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    1. give it a is amazziing !! i love the result !
      i already followed your blog..

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