Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inaura Hair Nutrient Spray

Hi guys !! In this post i will talk about hair product. This time its the Inaura Hair Nutrient Spray and its with Keratin in it. Keratin is one of the nutrient that the hair needs it. It comes in a clear bottle. 

I use it as my heat protectant so i use it before i curl or straighten my hair. It claims to give more shine and protect the hair from UV light too. 

It comes in a spray and a clear plastic cap so i don't have to use my hands to apply it to my hair. Just spray it to my hair.

The product itself is kind of runny and has no color in it (its clear) . It contains oil in it. 

YES !!
give my hair more shine 
my hair becomes so soft !!
moisturize my hair

Errr... NO !!
the packaging looks cheap

anyone of you ever try this product ?
tell me about it..