Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Blogging Competition with B Blog

Hi everyone !!

BBlog  is hold a blogging competition in celebration of the Valentine's Day. This competition is about telling someone you care through a blog. So today i will talk about "Joni" . Who is "Joni" ? What he can do ? Let's see some of his pose. :P

When i rub his neck, his head and neck feather will definitely stand ! hahaha 
and when i rub his head, he will close his eyes. Looks like he is enjoying it.

When he knows that i'm taking his picture, he will pose -.-" what a coquettish bird.

When he first come, he don't want to be in the cage. If someone want to put him in the cage, he definitely will be angry and bite that person !! So its decided that we won't put him in the cage, we just chain him. Buuuttt... he often break his chain.. -.-" He is soooo happy after breaking his chain. Here is his reaction after doing that.

He dance !!


He can raised his foot. Usually when he do that, he wants to do the shake hand :P

He can say "pagi", "halo" and his own name "Joni". He even can "woof" like a dog HAHAHA We give him sunflowers seed and bread to feed him.

Yuukk ikutan  berpartisipasi dalam B Blog Valentine Blogging Competition !!


  1. warna bulu burungnya lucu >.<