Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review : Lavie Lash in Lola

Hi gorgeous !!
Today i'm going to share about Lavie Lash in Lola.
Its a handmade fake eyelashes and made from natural hair.

It says that its easy to apply, reusable and lightweight. It is like it said !! very easy to apply, reusable (mine is already been used for 3 times and the condition is still like the new one) and its lightweight.

There is a user guide at the back of the box and it comes in English and France language. Also the social media they have.

It comes in a very cute box. Actually i love the packaging. Personally i think it looks luxurious. Usually i curl my eyelashes first, apply some mascara then put this on. The result is very natural. Love it !!

YES !!
Good quality products
Luxurious design of the packaging
Natural hair lashes
Easy to use

Errr... NO !!
It doesn't come with glue (for some people, thats might be a problem but for me personally i'm not bothered with it since i always bought my lash glue separately)

Have you tried Lavie Lashes ?
Which one do you try ?