Friday, April 11, 2014

Review : Larissa Facial Foam Tea Tree Opaque

Today i'm going to do a review on one of Larissa Aesthetic Center's product. Its the facial foam tea tree opaque. I know this clinic from my friend's review. A lot of my friends said that they are very satisfied with this clinic's product also their price is a lot cheaper than other clinic's too. But, usually i use the tea tree milk cleanser first when i use heavy makeup then i wash my face using this product. If i don't wear heavy makeup or just simple makeup, i just use the facial foam.

It comes in a 100 ml bottle. It said that this facial foam is for acne and normal skin.

The product itself has a blue color but its lighter than the tea tree milk cleanser . Its like a sheer blue color. Its a little goes a loongg way. Usually i just use it that much (like in the photo) to wash my face because if i use it too much, i feel like my face becomes dry especially around the nose and mouth. I use it 2 or 3 times a day.

YES !!
feels clean after i wash my face with this
fresh smell

Errr...NO !!
only available in Larissa's counter


  1. ada jual di kaskus kok sist. malah lengkap satu paket ^_^

  2. Can't use this one. Doesn't help my super oily skin. But my sister did good with this one.

    Main-main ke blog aku ya. Baru posting soal The Roaring 20's, era dimulainya makeup. :)


  3. How you compare it with tea tree facial wash from the body shop?

    1. haven't tried the bodyshop one..going to try it soon..
      but i personally think the price couldn't beat this one

  4. Nice review ♥