Thursday, January 23, 2014

Larissa Tea Tree Milk Cleanser

Hi Ladies..
how are you doing ?
Today i will do a review about Larissa Tea Tree Milk Cleanser. I got this product from Larissa Aesthetic Center. You can find this clinic in Arjuno Street in Malang but they do open many branch in other city too. I like their product because they claim to use natural ingredients in their product. I know this clinic from my friends. They told me to go to this clinic to cure my acne (once i've had a lot of acne. At that time, i didn't want to look myself in the mirror because every time i look myself in the mirror, i feel terrible  @_@  )
So i try to see the doctor in this clinic. This product is one of the product that she suggested me to use it.

It comes in a tube. Tea tree usually used in beauty product for acne or oily skin because it can kill bacteria that cause acne.

It contains triclosan too. To use it, i just apply it all over my face, massage it for a while and wipe with tissue. After using this, i feel clean and it tightens my pore too.

The smell is fresh, short of mint and i love that smell. The product itself has gel texture and baby blue color.

Yes !!
cleans my face so well
tighten my pore
love how it smells

Errr...NO !!
can buy it just in the Larissa Aesthetic Center.

have you tried this milk cleanser too ?
what do you think ?