Tuesday, April 19, 2016

(Korean Drama) The Girl Who Sees Smells

Finally, i have some little free time to write this post.
Being a mother is a hardwork. Especially, working moms.
For moms out there, fighting !! ^ ^

Some people called this drama with

Sensory Couple


The Girl Who Sees Smells ( 냄새를 보는 소녀 )

Genre : Romance, Suspense, Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes : 16
Main Cast :

As usual, when i saw the main character is Park Yoo-Chun. I'm already interested in this drama hahahaha and when i saw Shin Se-Kyung, i feel like i must watch this drama. Luckily, i wasn't wrong. It was a quite good drama. 

Their relationship starts from helping each other in their career. Turns out, Choi Moo-gak is an excellent comedian !! He even can make Oh Cho-rim's boss, whose never laugh, likes him because he makes him laugh very loud !

On the other hand, Oh Cho-rim helps Choi Moo-gak to catch a lot of criminals by seeing their smells.
Yes!! seeing the smells ! interesting right ?

Its a happy ending story !!
don't really like a sad ending story :(

My Thought

Even its a detective kind of drama, but its not a serious drama. In fact, its a fun and fantasy drama. Oh Cho-rim and Choi Moo-gak is a funny couple, even their wedding's photo looks so fun hahaha its not like the ordinary wedding photo. Also when i look at their wedding, i feel like i want a wedding ceremony again. Wedding ceremony in sea world like in drama looks cool hahaha