Tuesday, December 29, 2015

( Korean Drama ) Me Too, Flower !

Before we talk about today's post, let me say this first
Merry Christmas everyone !!
^ ^

At first, when i saw the title of this drama, i thought "mmm what kind of drama is this ???"
But, when i saw Yoon Shi-yoon in it, i thought maybe this drama is worth to watch

Me Too, Flower ! ( 나도 꽃 )

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes : 15

Main Cast :
Lee Ji-ah as Cha Bong-sun
Yoon Shi-yoon as Seo Jae-hee
Han Go-eun as Park Hwa-young

This is when Cha Bong-sun met Seo Jae-hee for the first time. Very simple and cliche right ?

When they first met, they always fight. Cha Bong-sun hates Seo Jae-hee. Seo Jae-hee always make Cha Bong-sun angry and it always worked well. hahahahaha

But luckily, after going through a lot of trouble, they can be together. 

My Thought

Its a simple drama but remind me with lots of things. People think in different ways. We can't push people to think the way we think and sometimes i failed to do that hahahaha and in the end i got exhausted just to explain everything. 
When i first saw this drama, i love it when i knew that Yoon Shi-yoon is in it and got more excited because Han Go-eun is in it too. She looks so elegant in this drama. Such a high class lady.

Have you watched it ?
What do you think ?
Do you have any other suggestion for korean drama ?
Let me know in the comment section ^ ^

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Evening Glam Makeup

Hi guys !
This is my makeup for my cousin's wedding party last week.
If you read this, congraattss on your wedding day
Happily ever after yaa
Now, let's start for the makeup that i use for that day ^ ^

For the face :

Loreal Revitalift Liquid Foundation in 110
Love this foundation. It gives a luminous look for me and the coverage is medium to full coverage

Revlon Photoready Concealer in 002 light 
It's a stick concealer and to blend it, better use my finger than a brush.

Artistry Loose Powder in fair
Too set everything i use a powder so my blush and bronzer will blend better.

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #2
 Its a peachy color. Put in on my cheek bone so it will make my face looks slimmer.

LT Pro Powder Blush in PB08
I use it as a bronzer and put it under my cheek bone, to countour my nose also on my temples.

For the eyes :

PAC Creamy Foundation No.04
I use my finger to put it on my lid as my eyeshadow base.

LT Pro Powder Blush in PB08
I put it on my crease as a transition color.

Revlon Eyeshadow Prisms in the bronzes
I use the peach gold color and put in all over my lid. This is one of my fav eyeshadow palette but i drop it !! huhuhuhu so sad T_T

Loreal Open Eyes Pro in Beige Harmony
Then i take the bronze color from this palette and put it on top of the peach color. I use the gold color in the inner corner of my eyes. For the outer corner, i use the darkest color and i use the lightest color as my highlight. I put the lightest color on top of my cheek bone, on the bridge of my nose and on my browbone. You can put it on your cupid's bow if you like.

Bless Soft Eyeshadow in 07 dark brown
I put it on the outer corner of my eyes just to darken it up also i put it on the bottom lashes and blend it with LT Pro Powder Blush in PB08 so there is no harsh line.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 black
as my eyeliner. I draw just a classic thin line (no wing) also i put it in my waterline. To prolong the eyeliner on your waterline, you can put a black eyeshadow on top if it but its optional ^ ^

Etude House Petite Darling Eyes Matte no.3
It's a cool dark brown eyeshadow. I use it to fill in my brows.

False Eyelashes
I prefer to use the natural one. Just use what suits you well ^ ^

For the lips :

EOS Lip  Balm in Sweet Mint
to moisturized my lips

Orange Lipstick
just use whatever orange lipstick that you have.

PAC Gorgeous Liquid Lip Color in lilac sugar
PAC Aqua Shine Lip Gloss
so sorry because the name of it, is already rubbed off.

Here is the finish look !!
What do you think ?

Hope you like it ^ ^

Have a great day guys !
and i'll see you soon in the next post that will be about another korean drama :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Casual Day Look

Its December already !!
time flies sooo fast but i'm glad because its christmas !
always have a good mood everytime christmas arrived ^ ^

Today's post will be about this look that you can wear for your everyday look
Hope you like it ^ ^

For the face :

1. Etude Sun Prise Super Aqua SPF45
Everybody needs protection from the sun right ?

2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit N02
Sometimes i don't care about the color because in my opinion, BB cream turns into your skin color within about 20-25 minutes. At first, when you apply it, yeess maybe you feel that its too light or too dark but after 20-25 minutes, it will turn into your skin color. Just give it a time :D 

Its my new holly grail concealer. The consistency is thin but covers well.

4. Etude Blush 
I use the baby pink color. 

5. La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08
I use this to broze my face. Put it on under my cheek bone, the sides of my temples and to contour my nose.

6. Bless Loose Powder

For the eyes :

You can use your concealer as your eye primer.

2. La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08
I put it on my crease as a transition color.

3. Etude Eyeshadow
i use the matte dark brown color with my fluffy blending brush all ove the lid just to give it some definition. Also i put it on the outer corner of my bottom lashes and blend it with some of the La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08 so it won't be too harsh. I use this eyeshadow for my eyebrow too.

4. PAC Pearly Eyeshadow in P11
Its a shimmery peach color. I put it just on the center of my lid.

5. Maybelline Master Liner in BR-1
I draw just a simple wing eyeliner. Maybe some of you can call it Korean wing eyeliner :P

6. Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express
as my mascara

7.Single lashes 
I use this to give a soft natural look to the makeup but i admit that its a bit tricky and need patience when you apply it hahahaha I use the short one btw

For the lips :

Oriflame Lipstick in Pink Passion 5484 (I think its from the Giordani series)

Its a wrap !!
Now, tell me what is your plan for christmas ?
Hope you have a great christmas day guys !!
see yoouu ^ ^

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

(Korean Drama) May Queen

This drama will talk about family's life which is very complicated sometimes.

May Queen ( 메이퀸 )

Genre : Romance, Melodrama
Episodes : 38

Main Cast :
Han Ji-hye as Chun Hae-joo
Kim Jaewon as Kang San / Ryan Kang
Jae Hee as Park Chang-hee

At first, when i look into this drama, i think that its too long. 38 episodes woow !! so long..is it going to be a boring one ? But, when i saw Kim Jaewon inside it, i decided to watch it hahahaha and also it has a happy ending. So, it won't hurt anybody right ? :P

This drama started way back from when Chun Hae-joo is still just a little baby, don't know anything about ambitions, betrayal, etc but she is the victim of it, then like a snowball, faith brings everything together and punish who gets in the wrong way in its time. Little Chun Hae-joo has a very big heart. She knows that his mother is a stepmother and she is very cruel to her. But, instead she sticks with her even in her difficult time. Even when she is in the happiest place, she didn't throw away her stepmother neither want some payback.

Kang San and his grandfather has a very good relationship that makes me laugh everytime they interact to each other hahahaha 

Finally, after all the difficulties, Chun Hae-joo gets what she deserves. That's a relieve.

My Thought

Glad i found this film and want to learn as much as i can to be like Chun Hae-joo. She has a very big heart also i'm admiring her because she can do man's job like welding, etc. Its a very impressive for me since she is a girl. You know what i mean. Its a great drama that i can learn so much from it especially for being a such big hearted human which is sometimes soo hard to do.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Review LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Hi guys !!

Today i'll talk about this all time favorite concealer. I've read so many good reviews about this concealer so i tried it and glad i found it !

It comes in a tube without box. Just a plastic wrap to make sure that the product is still new. It has a brush too, but be careful when you squeeze it because it's easy to squeeze means if you squeeze the tube too hard, you'll get tons of product comes out from the tube and you'll end up wasting it.

I got it in the color natural. At first i want the color classic ivory but it sold out in the shop :( so i choose this. Luckily, it suits my skin tone well #happy but i saw someone make swatch for the color porcelain. Have anyone of you tried it ? 

Love the coverage of this liquid concealer. I use it under my eyes too and of course i seal it with powder right away. See ? it blends very well to my skin but i still want to try the classic ivory one though or maybe the porcelain.

Overall, this is my new fav concealer !! 
How about you ?
What is your fav concealer ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(Korean Drama) Protect The Boss

I love this drama for the same reason why i love "Cunning Single Lady"
I'll talk about it later.

Protect The Boss ( 보스를 지켜라 )

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Action
Episodes : 18

Main Cast :
Choi Kang-hee as Noh Eun-seol
Ji Sung as Cha Ji-heon
Kim Jae-joong as Cha Mu-won
Wang Ji-hye as Seo Na-yoon

This drama is mainly about this 4 person. Cha Ji-heon is Cha Mu-won's cousin. They always likes the same girl and that's why they had such a bad relationship.

First, they like Seo Na-yoon.

Then, they like Noh Eun-seol.
Not at the same time, but still.

But, fortunately at the end Cha Mu-won hook up with Seo Na-yoon and Cha Ji-heon with Noh Eun-seol.
So, finally they have a great realtionship together.

The relationship between parents and son in this drama is very unique too.
This is one of the scene when Cha Ji-heon's father mad at him.

My Thought

I looove this drama. This drama talks about real life problem but wrapped in comedy. So, you can laugh throughout the drama. hahahaha You should watch this drama !! Its not just about love but about real life matters too but they talks about it not in serious way so we still can laugh about it while thinking about it too ^^ and can't denied it that Kim Jae-joong is one of the reason why i love this drama ! hahahahaha love his character in this drama also of course love his handsome face hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

(Korean Drama) The Innocent Man

Love triangle
Ever heard about that ?
Part of this drama will be about that kind of thing 

The Innocent Man ( 세상 어디에도 없는 착한 남자 )

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Episodes : 20

Main Cast :
Song Joong-ki as Kang Ma-ru
Moon Chae-won as Seo Eun-gi
Park Si-yeon as Han Jae-hee

Kang Ma-ru likes Han Jae-hee since they were teenagers. They end up being a very best friend and when they grow up, they are dating. But, because Han Jae-hee kill someone and Kang Ma-ru cover it up for Han Jae-hee. Everything become chaos...

They were bestfriend but everything changed since Han Jae-hee kills someone..

Han Jae-hee has a very poor life. So, when she already has everything, she commit that she won't go back to that kind of life ever again and she will do everything that she can to make that commitment come true.

There is always some light in every darkness right ?
Seo Eun-gi's lifes is ruined by Han Jae-hee but she got Kang Ma-ru instead.

Song Joong-ki !!!!
One of the main reason that i want to watch this drama !!
isn't he adorable ??

My Thought

Its a good drama to remind us that maybe being rich isn't everything. For money, people can do anything even take someone's life. The moral is great but maybe the drama itself is a little bit confusing for me in the end but afterall, its a happy ending drama. For me, that's all that matters hahahahahaha There is always a plus and minus in every drama right ?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

(Korean Drama) Phantom

This drama is also known as "Ghost"
But, don't you worry cause there is no ghost in here and its not a horror drama.

Phantom ( 유령 )

Genre : Mystery, Psychological, Police Procedural
Episodes : 20

Main Cast :

Kim Woo-Hyun and Park Gi-yong is a bestfriend. They attend police school together. Even Kim Woo-hyun's father consider Park Gi-yong as his own son. But, something happen and it ruin everything and makes Park Gi-yong lose his trust to the police department and quit the school. After that incident , they never make contact. Until one day, fate make them find each other then change their identity to fix everything.

She makes mistakes when first start as a police but ends up being a good police woman. After all, who doesn't make mistakes right ?

This team is very solid.
You'll like it to watch how they work.

Jo Hyun-min is a very smart person but he become the monster that he hates.

My Thought

For those of you who like technology, mystery movie that makes us think throughout the film, you'll like this movie but, if you don't understand about digital media, maybe you'll find this movie a little bit confusing. hahahahaha like what i experienced when i watch this movie. Lucky me, i have a programmer husband so i can ask him a lot when i watch it. hahahahaha He must explain this and that through the drama. Thank you to my hubbie so i can understand the alien language. hahahahaha But, beside that, this drama is in my fav drama list. love it !

Thursday, August 20, 2015

(Korean Drama) Cunning Single Lady

"They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug ?"
- unknown

Cunning Single Lady ( 앙큼한 돌싱녀 )
also know as :
Sly and Single Again
Devious Divorce

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes :16

Main Cast :

At first, Cha Jung-woo and Na Ae-ra is one happy couple. But, their world turns upside down because Cha Jung-woo decide to stop working without asking Na Ae-ra's permission's first. Long story short, they got divorced after 4 years of marriage and its a terrible divorce.

After Cha Jung-woo got success, they met again and so many funny story about that. This is just one of them hahahahaha

Actually, Cha Jung-woo still loves Na Ae-ra and he really realize it when other boy try to get Na Ae-ra's heart. He got panicked !!

 There is seniority everywhere we works right ?
and when they knew that the one they bullied is their boss's ex-wife, they got really scared.

At first, Cha Jung-woo thinks that Na Ae-ra is a materialistic woman but when he knows the truth, he feels very sorry towards Na Ae-ra.

My Thought

Love how they talk about real life problem but they wrapped it with lots of humor so it won't be too serious. Boys and girls should watch this movie i think. Its a great movie with lots of lesson in it.