Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(Korean Drama) That Fool

When i see the first episode of this korean drama, i'm not very excited about it. It's all because the main male actor isn't handsome at all in my opinion hahaha But still, i watch it and turns out i find something about that..

그바보 / That Fool
그저 바라 보다가 / The Accidental Couple

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 16
It aired on KBS2 from April 29 to June 18, 2009

Main Cast :
Hwang Jung-Min as Gu Dong-Baek
Kim Ah-Joong as Han Ji-Soo
Joo Sang-Wook as Kim Kang-Mo
Lee Chung-Ah as Gu Min-Ji
Baek Sung-Hyun as Han Sang-Chul

The story starts when the big rising star Han Ji-Soo has a car accident because she is chased by paparazzi. The problem is, she is with her secret boyfriend (who is the son of a famous politician) in that car and paparazzi shouldn't know about it because her secret boyfriend is already engaged with another woman to fulfill his father's ambition. That's when Gu Dong-Baek meets Han Ji-Soo personally. She lets her secret boyfriend escape and drag Gu Dong-Baek in the car. She ask Gu Dong-Baek to pretend that he is the one who drives the car and not Kim Kang-Mo (Han Ji-Soo's secret boyfriend) and the story goes...

They're commit to do 6 month marriage and Gu Dong-Baek don't want anything in return. He is doing it just to help Han Ji-Soo.
My Thought
As i say, at first i'm not interested in this film because the main male actor isn't my type at all hahaha but after a couple episodes, i learn a lot of things from this drama and remember a couple lessons.

"If you want her heart, make her laugh"

Gu Dong-Baek is not handsome and not rich. But, he can make Han Ji-Soo happy and laugh a lot.

"When love makes you sad/cry (a lot), maybe you should think about it again. Is it love or just obsessions ?"

When you love someone, you must sacrifice something. Love is take and give in my opinion. You can't love someone without giving him anything but if his request is too much and makes you sad all the time, maybe you should re-think the relationship. Love is suppose to make you happy right ? ? If you love someone, you would like to see her happy right ? ?
In our culture, beautiful means having white clear skin. But in this drama, you won't find that statement. Han Ji-Soo has dark skin but i think she is still so beautiful.

Have you watch it guys ?
What do you think ?
Would love to know your opinion about this drama..
Do you have any suggestion about other korean drama ?
Let me know..


  1. never saw any korean movie maybe its time :) looks intresting

    1. yees
      now is the time for you to watch it
      its very good drama in my oponion

  2. Kayaknya dari rangkumannya seru nih! Aku ga terlalu ngikutin kdrama because I'm more into their music, abis kata temen-temen kdrama bikin ketagihan dan jadi ngerusak jam tidur gara-gara begadang drama marathon haha xD Thank's for the recommendation! I'll add this to my kdrama must-watch list because it seems like it's a pretty thoughtful drama.


    1. haha
      kdrama itu membuat addicted dan ngrusak jam tidur karena bikin penasaran jadi pengen nonton mp abis
      so beware !!

  3. I haven't heard of this drama before, but the quotes that you picked out from it seem very nice!! I agree that the male actor isn't the best looking, but that's okay! I've seen some of one korean drama that was called I need romance! It's pretty good!!!


    1. it is
      isn't it ?
      maybe if Siwon from Super Junior that's being the main male actor, it would be more eye catching XD
      thank you for the recommendation !!
      i'll check it out !

  4. Looks like an interesting drama!
    Thank you for your preview!


  5. the story sounds interesting! I'm the same, i don't like kdramas when the actor/actress isn't that cute hahaha


    1. It is Angel !
      yess the actor / actress is one of the main reason why we would want to watch

  6. Hihi.. kadang kalo salah satu pasangannya kurang cakep jd ga sreg yah.. pengennya perfect.. hahhaha..
    Critanya bagus nihh..thanks for sharing ♥

    1. iya betul hahaha
      rasanya ada yang kurang aja
      thanks juga udah mampir Ellen..

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