Monday, September 30, 2013

Review My Favorite PAC Martha Tilaar part 2 : Two Way Cake 02 / Ochre

Time flies. Its October already ! christmas is only a couple months away and then new year comes. aahh so's your september girl ? is it fun ?

This time i want to tell you about another PAC product. Its the Two Way Cake in 02 / ochre. It came with a box ,but because i got too excited to try this product, i threw away the box. T.T so i don't have the photo of the box. just the two way cake photo.

It comes with slim packaging makes easy to carry.

It comes with a mirror and a sponge so when we go travel to somewhere no need to worry about the mirror and sponge. Its already in there. Sorry my sponge is dirty because i've used it so much >.< The two way cake itself is very lightweight and quiet long lasting. It finished matte and have medium coverage. Makes me love this product more. You can use with damp sponge for more coverage and long lasting finished.

whats your favorite two way cake face powder girls ? do you prefer matte or dewy finished ? Let me know in the comment below ! thanks for reading my blog ^ ^ and remember to "click" join this site in the right bar. see you in the next post ^ ^

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review My Favorite PAC Martha Tilaar part 1 : Gorgeous Liquid Lip Color in Lilac Sugar

PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) was launched in August 1997. It was created for fulfill the needs of professional make up artist starting from stage make up to bridal make up. PAC is well known for it's high quality, waterproof and long lasting make up.

Gorgeous Liquid Lip Color is one of PAC's product.

I bought it in Lilac Sugar. It comes with clear plastic box (such a good idea so we can see the color without opening the box) and unlike the other liquid lip color that comes in a bottle, it comes in a tube. It make us easy to use when this comes to the end. We can squeeze it so we aren't wasting every last drop. (that's what i do when it comes to my favorite product ! don't want to waste every single drop ! XD ) It comes with brush applicator too. 

Lilac Sugar has a pretty pink color ! love it ! It has creamy textur and very easy to blend. The color is very intense. The staying power is great too. Gorgeous product !

have you ever tried PAC Gorgeous Liquid Lip Color ?
what color ?
would love to know your experience..please feel free to share it..

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review : Revlon Photoready Concealer 002 Light

Revlon Photoready Concealer is a part of Revlon Photoready range. In this range, there is primer, shadow, brightener, cream blush, concealer, etc. I was looking for a heavy coverage concealer for my acne scars and when i tried for the first time in counter, it looked really promising.

The Claims :

  • Full yet undetectable coverage
  • Oil free 
  • Fragrance free
  • Flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light

How to :

Apply it under eyes area and over any imperfections or dark spots, blend using finger tips in gently patting motion. 

The concealer comes in 6 shades but in Indonesia i just can find it in 2 /  3 shades. I choose the 002 light shades for myself. The concealer comes in lipstick form. Makes it easy to carry. It wrapped in plastic seal with no box. The cap is transparent, it's great ! so we can see the color inside. 

The concealer has a very creamy texture and it blends nicely with finger. 

It has a good staying power and feels lightweight. It gives matte finish too. It can easily remove with cleanser. I'm very pleased with this product so far.

what about you ?

have you tried Revlon Photoready Concealer ?

what do think ?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Natural Acne Treatments

Everyone wants clear skin but it's easier to said than done. Sometime that "bad boy" called acne won't leave our face. Acne involves the overproduction of sebum and blockage of the pores with mass of dead cell and oil. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria in our skin. Another most common contributing factors for acne is hormonal changes. Some girl have their acne usually in a week before menstruation.

Here i have some natural treatment i made that i have been using for my acne care lately. It seems to have helped me soothe my acne and relieve the scars.


Yeepp i made it into an ice cube cucumber ! I grind the cucumbers and mix with water then i pour into ice cube trays, put it in the freezer and TARRAA ! ice cube cucumber is ready to served !!! :p Cucumber can remove dead skin cells and clean pores. They moisturize, remove extra oil from my face and soothe my acne. Usually i used this once every other day. I apply it before washing my face.

Water from washing rice

made it into ice cube again ! its easier this way XD i can used them whenever i want..
This time they look like regular ice cube so be careful if someone wants to make ice tea. Make sure they know which ice cube tray is for the ice tea and which one is for the face..
to make this ice cube water from washing rice, i wash the rice in branch water (can be mineral water or water from your tap) and after the water become white, i pour the water into ice cube tray..and put it in the freezer. I used this once every other day too. Apply it before washing my face. This ice cube can give you a bright clear look skin and relieve the scars from your acne.

do you have any other suggestion about natural acne treatments ?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'eau de Parfum

I just got this sample perfume of Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'eau de Parfum and fall in love with it  XD 
La Vie Est Belle is a french expression meaning that life is beautiful. This perfume needs three years work to finally achieve this scents. Iris is the key ingredient for the perfume. It also contains jasmin, orange blossom, patchouli essence, blackcurrant, pear and vanilla. The unique blend of these scents creates a fragrance that last for a very long time on the skin. I spray once to my wrist then put the rest on the back of my neck, wear it all day , still smell it at the end of the day even until the next day i still can smell it from my is loonngg lasting !!! love it !!
I'm tempted to buy a full size..the bottle is so pretty..