Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Makeup

Finally its up !!
When i upload this, accidently i forgot to plug the charger so my laptop turn off when the upload process is still 50%. #DUUHH hahaha
Luckily, it continues when i turn on the laptop again.
Anyway, here is the look that inspired by Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games movie.
She looks stunning in there !

Monday, August 25, 2014

Brown Skinned Girl Giveaway !!

Hi everyone !
Because of my sparse and facing down eyelashes, i always need to put my false eyelashes on. 
And here is one of my favorite brand of eyelashes ! Its Yukkiyuna lashes and its 100% Indonesia's brand !
They held a giveaway featuring Falaqie Nila.

One of my favorite lashes from Yukkiyuna is the one called Sweet Blossom. It looks natural in my eyes but not too thin. For me, sometimes "natural" false eyelashes could look too thin on my eyes. I want my eyelashes look thick, but still in natural way and Sweet Blossom gives me that. Usually i paired this with natural Korean makeup look and its all will be perfect ! Love it ! Love Korean makeup look, because it looks natural and can make the look of "your face but just better" hahaha

Back to the giveaway..
There will be 2 winners and each of them will get 6 (YES!! 6 !) beautiful Yukkiyuna eyelashes !
If you want to know the detail about it, just klik HERE

 Let's join it guys !
And get their beautiful lashes !

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Miss A Suzy Inspired Makeup

I've been loving Miss A Suzy since watch her in "Dream High". Looks like she doesn't have much makeup on but still look pretty. Love it ! So i want to recreate this looks for you.
You can wear it at day time too.
Hope you enjoy it !
and have a great day !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gratefulbeauty Shop Mini Giveaway

Pengumuman ! Pengumuman !
Ini ada giveaway menarik dari blogger cantik Kornelia Luciana.
Dia lagi ngerayain pembukaan online shopnya yaitu Gratefulbeauty Shop.
Congraats ya Luci !
Moga online shop nya terus sukses..

Ini dia nih hadiahnya giveawaynya.
Bakalan ada 2 pemenang low girls !!
Semua bakalan dapat CC cream dari Secret Key dan cleansing brush.
Secret Key adalah salah satu produk favorit Luci. 
Ngomong-ngomong tentang hadiah, aku pengen banget coba cleansing brushnya karena selama ini cuma pakai shampoo aja buat bersihin. Denger-denger produknya bagus banget ! makanya jadi makin pengen coba.
Bagi kalian yang sekarang sedang punya acne prone skin, maen-maen dech ke blog nya Luci. Dia berhasil ngatasin acne prone skin nya dan kalian bisa baca crita inspiratif nya. Siapa tau produk yang Luci pakai akan cocok sama kalian dan kalau kalian mau menghubungi Luci bisa di sini ya

PS : 
boleh request banyakin blogpost tentang makeup dan OOTD gak Luci ?

So, tunggu apalagi ?
yuukk join giveawaynya !
info lengkap bisa klik DI SINI ya

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hi guys !!
Hari ini aku bakalan bahas tentang giveaway yang diadakan blogger cantik, Rifka Giovani.
Pertama liat blog nya, aku udah suka banget liat hasil makeup Rifka dan ditambah kuku-kuku Rifka lentik. Jadi iri dech hahaha Salut dech sama Rifka. Mulai dari yang cuek banget sama makeup, sekarang malah jago banget makeup nya !! Cara penulisan blog nya juga dengan bahasa yang jelas dan mudah banget dimengerti. Pas buka blog nya, yang bikin bingung cuma nyari GFC nya. Aku scroll sampe bawah baru ketemu. Mungkin sebaiknya GFC diletakkin di samping aja kali ya Rifka..supaya lebih mudah ditemukan..
Selain itu, tulisan "thanks for visit my blog ^ ^" menurutku agak kebesaran ya. Jadi pas aku liat-liat icon yang ada di samping blog, agak sedikit terganggu sama icon itu hahahaha 
Tapi suka banget sama design wallpaper blog Rifka pink, feminin sama rose-rose gitu. Keliatan cantik aja..
Nah, sekarang aku bakalan kasih tau tentang hadiah dari giveaway Rifka nih

ini nih hadiah-hadiahnya..
palette dari BH cosmetics nya cantik-cantik low guys !!
kalo kalian mau tau selengkapnya, klik HERE ya

Wish me luck ya guys !!
and have a good day everyone !

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(Korean Drama) That Fool

When i see the first episode of this korean drama, i'm not very excited about it. It's all because the main male actor isn't handsome at all in my opinion hahaha But still, i watch it and turns out i find something about that..

그바보 / That Fool
그저 바라 보다가 / The Accidental Couple

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Episodes : 16
It aired on KBS2 from April 29 to June 18, 2009

Main Cast :
Hwang Jung-Min as Gu Dong-Baek
Kim Ah-Joong as Han Ji-Soo
Joo Sang-Wook as Kim Kang-Mo
Lee Chung-Ah as Gu Min-Ji
Baek Sung-Hyun as Han Sang-Chul

The story starts when the big rising star Han Ji-Soo has a car accident because she is chased by paparazzi. The problem is, she is with her secret boyfriend (who is the son of a famous politician) in that car and paparazzi shouldn't know about it because her secret boyfriend is already engaged with another woman to fulfill his father's ambition. That's when Gu Dong-Baek meets Han Ji-Soo personally. She lets her secret boyfriend escape and drag Gu Dong-Baek in the car. She ask Gu Dong-Baek to pretend that he is the one who drives the car and not Kim Kang-Mo (Han Ji-Soo's secret boyfriend) and the story goes...

They're commit to do 6 month marriage and Gu Dong-Baek don't want anything in return. He is doing it just to help Han Ji-Soo.
My Thought
As i say, at first i'm not interested in this film because the main male actor isn't my type at all hahaha but after a couple episodes, i learn a lot of things from this drama and remember a couple lessons.

"If you want her heart, make her laugh"

Gu Dong-Baek is not handsome and not rich. But, he can make Han Ji-Soo happy and laugh a lot.

"When love makes you sad/cry (a lot), maybe you should think about it again. Is it love or just obsessions ?"

When you love someone, you must sacrifice something. Love is take and give in my opinion. You can't love someone without giving him anything but if his request is too much and makes you sad all the time, maybe you should re-think the relationship. Love is suppose to make you happy right ? ? If you love someone, you would like to see her happy right ? ?
In our culture, beautiful means having white clear skin. But in this drama, you won't find that statement. Han Ji-Soo has dark skin but i think she is still so beautiful.

Have you watch it guys ?
What do you think ?
Would love to know your opinion about this drama..
Do you have any suggestion about other korean drama ?
Let me know..

Monday, August 4, 2014

Magic Oil

Lately, i've seen this oil everywhere.

as a cooking oil

in body lotion
and many more..
Some people even take that cooking oil (maybe about a table spoon) and mix it with their body lotion. So, what is the benefits of this Grape Seed Oil that makes it so "happening" ?
  • Can decrease the level of bad cholesterol, which can reduce the risk of coronary diseases.
  • This oil has anti-inflammatory properties, for which it can provide relief against pain and swelling caused by arthritis. 
  • Antioxidants found in grape seed extract can help prevent cancer.
  • It contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and high levels of vitamin E.
  • Its very helpful for healing wounds.
  • It can relieve dark circle naturally
  • Can improves skin elasticity so it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Its a great general immune system booster
  • Its light and odorless
  • It can reduce dandruff

So, what do you think ?

Is it worth the "hype" ?
Have you tried it ?