Monday, July 27, 2015

( Korean Drama ) Secret Love

This film reminds me of the phrase 
"if you can't start to respect yourself first, nobody can't"

Secret Love / Secret ( 비밀 )

Episodes : 16
Main Cast :

This story starts with Kang Yoo-Jung love for Ahn Do-Hoon. But, on the other side, Ahn Do-hoon doesn't love Kang Yoo-jung that much. He just felt indebted to Kang Yoo-jung. Then, that scary and wonderful night comes, the night that Ahn Do-hoon purpose Kang Yoo-jung and the night Ahn Do-hoon did hit and run to a woman which ended with that woman's death. The night that changes everything in their life's...

From revenge to love, how they ended ?

from love to revenge, how tragic right ?

Love Kang Yoo-jung's dress in this scene.
So sad that, it has to be torn off  T_T

Love this drama. Love the story that reminds me that i never ever want to be Shin Se-yeon's character in this drama because it means you're being a barrier for someone's happiness also you can't respect yourself. If you can't respect yourself first, who will ?? She is very brave to fight for what she wants but if what she wants isn't hers from the first time, is it really worth to be fighting for ?
And my favorite character of this drama iiss Choi Gwang-soo. hahahaha true he is not the main character but he is so funny and cute !! He rarely shows his expression but once he shows it, its a cute expression. hahaha

Have you seen this drama ?
What do you think ?
Who is your fav character ?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

(Korean Drama) Big Man

Just found out this film in one of my comp folders so i must watch it right ?

Big Man ( 빅맨 )

Episodes : 16
Main cast :

This story is about Kim Ji-hyeok the usual man that has nothing versus Kang Dong-seok the millionare but he has heart problem so he needs heart to continue his life. When Kang Dong-seok needs a heart, his family search all over the country for it and they find Kim Ji-hyeok. Accidentally, Kim Ji-hyeok is an orphan that has already searched for his parent for a long time. So, they lied to Kim Ji-hyeok about his parents and all. When Kim Ji-hyeok knows everything, the story begins...

enemy of all time

even, her family hates him or to be exact, made him a toy. She doesn't think like that.

Don't you think she is too look alike Yoon Eun-hye ?

Always laugh when Kim Ji-hyeok shows his interest to So Mi-ra.

My Thought

a very good movie to learn. As parents, we should protect our child. Its a must and obligation. But, if our child is going off  the track, what should we do ? Did we should still protect him ?
Overall, its a good drama to watch i think. So many things that i could learn from it. Also, the storyline is not boring in my opinion.