Thursday, October 30, 2014

(Korean Drama) King of Baking

Watching the same drama twice makes me have different point of view about the drama and each character.
Have you ever watch the same drama twice ?
What is it ?

In Asia, some people believes that having a son is far more worth it than a daughter.
Ever heard about that thought ?
In this drama you'll see how that thought is one of the main problem that can ruins a lot of people's life because our lives connects with each other and it affects other people's life whether its good or bad.

King of Baking, Kim Takgu (제빵왕 김탁구)

Genre : Romance, slice of life story, melodrama
Episodes : 30

Main Cast :
Yoon Shi-yoon as Kim Takgu
Eugene as Shin Yoo-kyung
Joo Won as Gu-Majun
Lee Young-ah as Yang Misun

Gu Il-jong is the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise. He already has 2 daughter. But, his mother wants a grandson. Seo In-suk, Gu Il-jong's wife, is so stressed out about that because there won't be a son between her and her husband. Unless, she hooked up with other man and her husband with another woman. Gu Il-jong's mother don't want to know about that and she insists that she wants a grandson. So, when she knew that her son make an affair with other woman, she support it and hope that woman will give her a grandson. Seo In-suk is so surprised when she came home and knows that her husband has a mistress that are pregnant. She is panicked ! and what happened after that, is just another bigger problem that never ends....;

My Thought

Its another drama about complicated life but this time its "only" 30 episodes. Not as long as the last drama that i watched, which has 50 episodes. Its especially worth to watch for those of you who is already married or those of you who wants to get married. One of the main reason Gu Il-jong have an affair with other woman is because he isn't comfortable with his wife. Maybe if Seo In-suk can make Gu Il-jong feels comfortable by her side. That complicated and tiring life won't happen. But after all, what is done by Gu Il-jong can't be justified too. Its totally wrong whatever happens.
I got this from my friend and by far, i agree with her. Married isn't just all about love. Its more about commitment..,Because like plants, love needs to be nurtured and that needs commitment. 
Out of all character, i love the teacher Pal-bong's character the most. He is so wise as an old man. Especially when the little Kim Takgu ask him if good person can conquer the world. He is not answer it with yes/no. Instead he asked back. He asked "what answer do you like?" and that's what Kim Takgu holds till the end.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nasi Capjay Kering

Since i don't know how to translate "Nasi Capjay Kering" in english, so i'll write this post in bahasa hahaha Karena lagi banyak sayur di kulkas, jadi akhirnya masak ini dech. Biasanya nasi capjay berkuah dan rasanya lebih ke arah asin. Nah nasi capjay yang satu ini, cenderung nggak punya kuah dan rasanya lebih ke arah manis. Yuukk langsung masaakk yuukk...

Bahan :
(untuk nasi)

Nasi putih ( untuk porsi 2 orang )
Bawang putih 1 siung (dicacah)
Saos raja rasa (sesuai selera)
Merica (secukupnya)
1 telur (kocok dan beri merica + garam)

Cara membuat :
  1. Tuang minyak goreng (1 sdm) masukkan bawang putih cacah dan masak sampai harum. 
  2. Masukkan telur yang sudah dikocok dan diberi garam + merica. Goreng sampai matang.
  3. Masukkan nasi, beri saos raja rasa dan merica. Aduk sampai rata. Sajikan ^ ^

Bahan :
(untuk capjay)

Brokoli (secukupnya)
Wortel (secukupnya)
Hiwan (4 biji)
Bawang putih (1 siung ; dicacah)
Kecap Manis (secukupnya)
Merica (secukupnya)
Garam (secukupnya)
Saus tiram (optional)
Jahe (1 ruas jari ; geprek)

Cara membuat :
  1. Tuang 1sdm minyak goreng, masukkan bawang putih cacah, masak sampai harum.
  2. Masukkan jahe yang sudah digeprek, masukkan wortel, hiwan, gindara dan brokoli. Beri garam, merica, saus tiram dan kecap manis. Aduk rata, tuang ke atas nasi dan sajikan ^ ^

Mari makaann..,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Neutral Party Makeup

Hi guys !!
I just want to show you the makeup that i wore when i went to my husband's friend wedding party.
The makeup is still in the natural side but have some sparkle in the eyes.

Hope you like it
and thank you so much for watching ^ ^

Sorry for spamming you with my photos haha

Monday, October 13, 2014

(Korean Drama) You're The Best, Lee Soon-shin

Another korean drama to review but this time it comes in 50 episodes ! Quite long huh ? So, let's see if its epic.

This drama isn't all about love. Its like all in one movie. Starts from love, how to build a relationship when you don't like your partner's family, family's life, etc.

You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin / 최고다 이순신

Genre : Romance, Family, Comedy and Drama
Episodes : 50

Main Cast :
IU as Lee Soon-shin
Jo Jung-suk as Shin Joon-ho
Go Doo-shim as Kim Jung-ae
Lee Mi-sook as Song Mi-ryung / Kyung-sook

Kim Jung-ae raised Lee Soon-shin as her own daughter when her husband tells her that he found a child abandoned crying alone. Soon-shin has 2 sister. The older one already married with a rich man and the second one got a pretty good job. Also they're all very pretty. In the other hand, Soon-shin, who is just graduated, is going through a hard time to find a good job for herself because she doesn't have any specific ability. People says that she is not pretty unlike her sisters too. But, she is still so excited in finding a job even its low-paying and temporary job. Then, she meets this swindler, who claims that he is Shin Joon-ho, the CEO of a talent agency, and that Lee Soon-shin will be a great actress. Turns out, its all a fraud !!
Lee Soon-shin trapped in a quite huge debt !! But, looks like fate leads her to the real Shin Joon-ho....

In an interview, nobody ask her for a question because her resume is not interesting at all
first met with Shin Joon-ho, Soon-shin spilled food and drink all over Shin Joon-ho's body in a party. Great !!
This drama isn't about just 1 couple. It tells you about Soon-shin's sister relationship too.
My Thought

When i watch this drama, there is one sentence that keeps going in my mind :

"When you loss something because you choose to loss it, then don't make a hope that you'll get it back" 

Its one of my must watch movie. Just because you can watch a lot of things going on. Not just another love story but there is family life too in there. So everyone can watch it.

Have you watch it ?
what do you think ?
Do you have other korean drama recommendation ?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Everyday Fresh Makeup

Sometimes, i had a very dull and sleepy face. In those time, i need this fresh look to "wake me up" so i can look fresh and ready to conquer the day hahaha
what do you think guys ?

thank you so much for watching ^ ^

Friday, October 3, 2014

Blake Lively Inspired Makeup

trying a smokey eyes and actually i like it.
just take your time in blending.
here is a look inspired by Blake Lively when she attends Cannes Film Festival.
she looks absolutely gorgeous !!
psstt..i'm in love with her earrings !!
hope you like it and have a great weekend guys ^ ^