Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jean Milka's Very First Giveaway !!

Congrats Jean Milka for your very first giveaway !!
Here is the price..

awesome right ??
So, wish me luck guys ^ ^

First Experience in Zalora

At first, i was skeptical about this fashion online website because as you all know, sometimes when we buy something online, the product itself is different with the picture they put in their website. But Zalora have so many beautiful things in their website. They over more than 500 local brand and international ! So, i decided to try...and become so curious when my package came..

You can return it if  you don't like it.

I'm so happy when i open the package !
Its exactly like what i imagined it would be.
Totally worth the price !
I use COD payment this time, so i paid when i get my package. The service is good.

Psssttt...for those of you who is new to Zalora and already add me on my Google+ friends, you can email me because i have a voucher for you ^ ^

Monday, July 14, 2014


Another giveaway guys !!
Its Tasya's Launching Giveaway ft Etude Recipe
Congrats Tasya..
Here is the prize :

There will be 3 winners and this giveaway is for Indonesian residents only
So, wish me luck guys !! ^ ^

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

“EAT and Travel With B Blog” - Warung Wareg

Today's post will be about food again and its about the restaurant that's always been me and my family's favorite. The name of the restaurants is "Warung Wareg". The main menu of their restaurant is gurami fish. They cooked it into various dishes. But they also have nila fish, shrimp, chicken, etc. Their fish's taste is fresh. There is no fishy smells nor fish soil (if you don't know how to cook gurami fish, sometimes it can taste like there is soil in it). Their fish taste great !! Now i'm going to spam you with their food pictures :D

Its their newest menu "Goerami Rujak Manis"

"Goerami Crispy" 
They deep fried it so well !!
So everytime you eat it, it will sound "kriuukk..kriuukk.."

"Goerami Mentes"
Its fried Gurami with butter. I like to eat its fin a lot. Its like chips or aka "kerupuk" 

"Goerami Asem-Asem"
Its soo good !!
a little spicy (just a little, so don't worry) and sour soup cooked with basil and shallot

"Tempe Penjet"
They deep fried the "tempe" (tempenya digoreng kering sekali)
and i love their "sambal"

"Cah Slada"
because we eat a lot of deep fried food, so let's get something healthy too
Its not reguler "cah slada bawang putih". 
I think they use some oyster sauce to cook it.

I have never go to the one at raya beji to be honest but i heard a lot of people say that they prefer the karang ploso one. They say that the one at karang ploso has more delicious food. I guess food depends on the chef right ? So different chef, different taste even they cook the same food.

They have "lesehan" seat too
But if you don't like it, you can seat on their wood chair

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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Body Shop June Haul 2014

Last month, when i walk at the mall, i find that The Body Shop was holding a discount in their shop. Of Course i should buy something !
So the adventures begins...

I got a package of shea butter, vitamin E moisture cream and mango scrub.

At first, i am attracted to the snowman tin. It's very cute right ??
I think it's from their last christmas stock. Then, i opened it and found out that the contents is a shea butter series !! always obsessed with shea butter so i grab it fast before anyone else get it !

Heard that its a lightweight moisture cream also vitamin E is good for the skin right ?
Have you ever tried this ?
Do you like it ?

My husband picked this one for me and i ended up liking it.
The beads of the scrub is rough and i love it. 
I don't really like gentle scrub. For me, body scrub must be rough.

So, that's it !!
Have you tried The Body Shop's product ?
What is your favorite ?
Please leave your comment below because i have a couple voucher from them that i want to spend but still confused which product should i try..

Sunday, July 6, 2014

(Korean Drama) That Winter, The Wind Blows

If you're one of Song Hye-Kyo's fan, you're going to like this movie. Because in this movie, Song Hye-Kyo looks beautiful and in one of the scene, Laneige do her makeup and makes her even more stunning ! love it !
Also i learn a lot from this movie. Want to know more about it ? Let's start...

그 겨울, 바람이 분다 / That Winter, The Wind Blows
Genre : romance, melodrama
Episodes : 16 ( shorter than the last korea drama that i reviewed HERE)
This series is based on : japanese drama (I Don't Need Love, Summer)
Premiered on : SBS on 13 February 2013 to 3 April 2013

Main Cast :
Jo In-Sung as Oh Soo
Song Hye-Kyo as Oh Young
Kim Bum as Park Jin-Sung
Jung Eun-Ji as Moon Hee-Sun
This is the scene that Oh Young and Oh Soo first met.
isn't she beautiful and stunning?
Oh Young is a blind girl from a broken home rich family. Everyone around her more less want her money. Her mother and brother left her when she is very young because her father cheated. In the other side, Oh Soo also left by her mother but he is very poor and lived a life of gambling. Oh Young's brother know Oh Soo and they're good friends but one day, Oh Young's brother chase Oh Soo that's being chased by the police because of his gambling matter and then Oh Young's brother got hit by a car then died. So when Oh Young's father died and her lawyer wants to find her brother, he thought that Oh Soo is Oh Young's brother since they have the exact same name. Then the story between Oh Young (the don't want to live girl) and Oh Soo (the really want to live boy) begins....

They kissed under the blooming flower !! how romantic !
My Thought

From this drama, i learn that blessed means we have a lot of people that love me and always accept me as i am in any circumstances. Being rich in some ways isn't mean blessed. In fact, being rich but have a broken home family, don't you think its tragic ? Also maybe another lesson that i got, don't lie to blind people because they know more than we think and you'll be surprised. This is one of the must watch drama because i can learn a lot of things from it. Sometimes as a human, we tends to forget those lesson (at least i do) and this drama reminds me a lot of about those lesson.

I give this drama 5/5.
Have you watch it ?
What do you think ?
Please leave your comment below,,
would love to read it  ^ ^

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm So Confused !!

When i'm browsing this afternoon, i stopped at Zalora and found these pretty skirt.

This would be nice to pair for plain shirt ! and i love the pattern

This will accentuate the body's curve ! will look so sexy wearing it

This match top and skirt looks pretty !

This skirt looks so elegant and i can wear it to formal occasion

Ahh isn't it pretty blue flower skirt ?

In some ways, flare skirt can make me feel pretty because it looks like princess's skirt. They always wear flare skirt so don't judge me :p Also i love the glossy accent on it.

I'm soo confused !!
They're all so pretty !
Could you help me out ?
Which one do you think will suit me ?


Hi guys !!
July is already here..
Time flies too too fast !
For those of you who is fasting, happy fasting !
Hope everything goes well and you can complete it !!
Anywaay, i'm going to start my first post in July with a GIVEAWAY !!

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They're Indonesian student that currently living in Korea for their degree. Cynthia is taking Mass Communication and Filia is taking Fashion Design.
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Let's join this giveaway and maybe you can be the lucky one to get it !!
also wish me luck guys !!