Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Demi Lovato Inspired Makeup

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rini Cesillia May Giveaway

Another giveaway post !!
*so excited about it 
It helds by the gorgeous beauty blogger that loves everything about Korea, Rini Cesillia !!

This time, the giveaway is to celebrate her pageviews that already reached more than 1 million even better, she gets more than 1.000 followers !!! WOOW such an amazing achievement !
Once again, congraattss Rini !!

Here is the prize and also she got another surprise gift for the winners, exciting right ?
There will be 2 winner for this giveaway.
It starts from 6 May on 9 o'clock until 6 June on 9 o'clock.
So what are you waiting for?
Let's go to Rini Cesillia's blog and join this giveaway !
and last, wish me luck ^ ^

Monday, May 19, 2014

Desperately NEED False Eyelashes !!

Hi Gorgeous !!
Today i'm going to share about my need for false eyelashes. 
FYI, i have sparse eyelashes and my eyelashes is facing down. I always adore girls who has thick and curly eyelashes. 

see ?
I have already coat it with lots of mascara but it didn't show up. so sad T_T

That's why i really need false eyelashes ! It can open my eyes and makes it stunning. But for daily basis, i prefer to use the natural one so it won't become too obvious that i wear false eyelashes. At first, it feels very difficult to put false eyelashes on my eyes. Its because when i put on my false eyelashes, the glue is still wet so it moves around so much and won't stick to my eyes. Now, i learn the lesson. So i let the glue get tacky first, then i put it on my eyes. And WAALLAA !!! It sticks !! When i got it right for the first time, i feel so happy like a child getting some ice cream hahaha

For now, i need false eyelashes even more ! Its because i know how to use it also i love the result when i use false eyelashes (it opens my eyes and makes it more stunning !). And i'm so happy when i know that Falaqie Nila from made up this Yukkiyuna giveaway. Yukkiyuna is a false eyelashes brand from Indonesia. Their packaging is so cute with the girls, the flowers around her, pink box and i like their font too. Its very lightweight, made from human hair (so it will be easier to blend with natural lashes), reusable and handmade.

Lets join this giveaway !
Hope i can win it and wish me luck ^ ^

Friday, May 16, 2014

Review Freshkon Dezigner

I got my Freshkon Dezigner softlense a few month ago and got very excited about it !! 

Freshkon Dezigner is consist of 4 shade : pink solitaire, aqua solitaire, orange solitaire and green solitaire. 

The diameter is only 14.2 mm so it won't makes your eyes look bigger or at least i don't feel like my eyes look bigger when i wear it. Instead it makes my eyes more "alive"

I got mine in -2.00 for both eyes and in aqua solitaire color. At first, i feel a bit uncomfortable with this softlense. FYI, i have sensitive eyes. But, when i wear it for the second time, it doesn't matter anymore. It feels light and comfortable. I like the pattern on the softlense too. Very pretty !!

 This is some selfie that i got when i wear it. What do you think ?
I think if i got a chance, i will go for the orange solitaire one. I like the pattern and the color of this softlense, but when i wear it, i feel like my eyes looks like siberian hushky's blue eyes hahaha

anyway thank you Freshkon Indonesia for the softlense !!

see you in the next post...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

La Tulipe Milk Cleanser

Hi gorgeous !!
Todays post will be about "La Tulipe Milk Cleanser". It comes in a white plastic bottle with dark blue screw cap. The contents is 250 ml. I like the plastic bottle because its not going to break when i accidentally drop it and it won't easily break too in my suitcase when i go traveling.

At the back of the bottle there is a direction how to wear it and the ingredients.

The milk cleanser itself has a white color and feels oily. I just wear it when i have my "heavy" makeup on. Usually i clean my face using this milk cleanser first then i wash my face using Larissa Facial Foam Tea Tree Opaque. Unfortunately, this milk cleanser doesn't fit me well. It makes me have a lot of breakout ! i don't know whether its the mineral oil that makes me break out or other ingredients. Its also feels greasy and i feel like its not really clean my face. I don't like the smell either.

YES !!!
plastic bottle
can bring it when traveling

Errr... NO !!!
makes me break out
not so clean
don't like the perfume

Friday, May 2, 2014