Thursday, July 9, 2015

(Korean Drama) Big Man

Just found out this film in one of my comp folders so i must watch it right ?

Big Man ( 빅맨 )

Episodes : 16
Main cast :

This story is about Kim Ji-hyeok the usual man that has nothing versus Kang Dong-seok the millionare but he has heart problem so he needs heart to continue his life. When Kang Dong-seok needs a heart, his family search all over the country for it and they find Kim Ji-hyeok. Accidentally, Kim Ji-hyeok is an orphan that has already searched for his parent for a long time. So, they lied to Kim Ji-hyeok about his parents and all. When Kim Ji-hyeok knows everything, the story begins...

enemy of all time

even, her family hates him or to be exact, made him a toy. She doesn't think like that.

Don't you think she is too look alike Yoon Eun-hye ?

Always laugh when Kim Ji-hyeok shows his interest to So Mi-ra.

My Thought

a very good movie to learn. As parents, we should protect our child. Its a must and obligation. But, if our child is going off  the track, what should we do ? Did we should still protect him ?
Overall, its a good drama to watch i think. So many things that i could learn from it. Also, the storyline is not boring in my opinion.


  1. Sounds really intresting:)
    Thank you for follow, I added your blog to my reading list via google friend connection:)


  2. love your post!!
    thanks for sharing

  3. i haven't heard about this movie....but i would like to watch it now....

  4. Hi sweetie, I just was talking to my husband about the asian films, that we need to see more, they are so good, thanks for sharing dear!
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    1. It is dear
      i love to watch it
      if you knew some great new drama, let me know too please
      would love to watch it

  5. Well thanks for the recommendation another Kdrama for my list.

    1. your welcome Raimar
      hope you like it too like i do

  6. Looks like you've enjoyed this Korean drama a lot =)

    1. hahaha
      because the drama has a lot of lesson in it that i can learn

  7. wwooaahhh big man i love that drama, and i love choi daniel, he face look like choi jin hyuk so that why i love him, kkyyyaaaa i love all about k-pop and k-drama, ya i thing i love all korean thingy hehee

    1. sama here Lita
      make up, skincare, the drama, etc love a lot of things about Korean