Monday, September 30, 2013

Review My Favorite PAC Martha Tilaar part 2 : Two Way Cake 02 / Ochre

Time flies. Its October already ! christmas is only a couple months away and then new year comes. aahh so's your september girl ? is it fun ?

This time i want to tell you about another PAC product. Its the Two Way Cake in 02 / ochre. It came with a box ,but because i got too excited to try this product, i threw away the box. T.T so i don't have the photo of the box. just the two way cake photo.

It comes with slim packaging makes easy to carry.

It comes with a mirror and a sponge so when we go travel to somewhere no need to worry about the mirror and sponge. Its already in there. Sorry my sponge is dirty because i've used it so much >.< The two way cake itself is very lightweight and quiet long lasting. It finished matte and have medium coverage. Makes me love this product more. You can use with damp sponge for more coverage and long lasting finished.

whats your favorite two way cake face powder girls ? do you prefer matte or dewy finished ? Let me know in the comment below ! thanks for reading my blog ^ ^ and remember to "click" join this site in the right bar. see you in the next post ^ ^

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