Monday, August 25, 2014

Brown Skinned Girl Giveaway !!

Hi everyone !
Because of my sparse and facing down eyelashes, i always need to put my false eyelashes on. 
And here is one of my favorite brand of eyelashes ! Its Yukkiyuna lashes and its 100% Indonesia's brand !
They held a giveaway featuring Falaqie Nila.

One of my favorite lashes from Yukkiyuna is the one called Sweet Blossom. It looks natural in my eyes but not too thin. For me, sometimes "natural" false eyelashes could look too thin on my eyes. I want my eyelashes look thick, but still in natural way and Sweet Blossom gives me that. Usually i paired this with natural Korean makeup look and its all will be perfect ! Love it ! Love Korean makeup look, because it looks natural and can make the look of "your face but just better" hahaha

Back to the giveaway..
There will be 2 winners and each of them will get 6 (YES!! 6 !) beautiful Yukkiyuna eyelashes !
If you want to know the detail about it, just klik HERE

 Let's join it guys !
And get their beautiful lashes !


  1. Best luck ce ^^

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyou so much :D