Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Casual Day Look

Its December already !!
time flies sooo fast but i'm glad because its christmas !
always have a good mood everytime christmas arrived ^ ^

Today's post will be about this look that you can wear for your everyday look
Hope you like it ^ ^

For the face :

1. Etude Sun Prise Super Aqua SPF45
Everybody needs protection from the sun right ?

2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit N02
Sometimes i don't care about the color because in my opinion, BB cream turns into your skin color within about 20-25 minutes. At first, when you apply it, yeess maybe you feel that its too light or too dark but after 20-25 minutes, it will turn into your skin color. Just give it a time :D 

Its my new holly grail concealer. The consistency is thin but covers well.

4. Etude Blush 
I use the baby pink color. 

5. La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08
I use this to broze my face. Put it on under my cheek bone, the sides of my temples and to contour my nose.

6. Bless Loose Powder

For the eyes :

You can use your concealer as your eye primer.

2. La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08
I put it on my crease as a transition color.

3. Etude Eyeshadow
i use the matte dark brown color with my fluffy blending brush all ove the lid just to give it some definition. Also i put it on the outer corner of my bottom lashes and blend it with some of the La Tulipe Powder Blush in PB08 so it won't be too harsh. I use this eyeshadow for my eyebrow too.

4. PAC Pearly Eyeshadow in P11
Its a shimmery peach color. I put it just on the center of my lid.

5. Maybelline Master Liner in BR-1
I draw just a simple wing eyeliner. Maybe some of you can call it Korean wing eyeliner :P

6. Maybelline The Magnum Volum Express
as my mascara

7.Single lashes 
I use this to give a soft natural look to the makeup but i admit that its a bit tricky and need patience when you apply it hahahaha I use the short one btw

For the lips :

Oriflame Lipstick in Pink Passion 5484 (I think its from the Giordani series)

Its a wrap !!
Now, tell me what is your plan for christmas ?
Hope you have a great christmas day guys !!
see yoouu ^ ^