Thursday, August 20, 2015

(Korean Drama) Cunning Single Lady

"They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug ?"
- unknown

Cunning Single Lady ( 앙큼한 돌싱녀 )
also know as :
Sly and Single Again
Devious Divorce

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes :16

Main Cast :

At first, Cha Jung-woo and Na Ae-ra is one happy couple. But, their world turns upside down because Cha Jung-woo decide to stop working without asking Na Ae-ra's permission's first. Long story short, they got divorced after 4 years of marriage and its a terrible divorce.

After Cha Jung-woo got success, they met again and so many funny story about that. This is just one of them hahahahaha

Actually, Cha Jung-woo still loves Na Ae-ra and he really realize it when other boy try to get Na Ae-ra's heart. He got panicked !!

 There is seniority everywhere we works right ?
and when they knew that the one they bullied is their boss's ex-wife, they got really scared.

At first, Cha Jung-woo thinks that Na Ae-ra is a materialistic woman but when he knows the truth, he feels very sorry towards Na Ae-ra.

My Thought

Love how they talk about real life problem but they wrapped it with lots of humor so it won't be too serious. Boys and girls should watch this movie i think. Its a great movie with lots of lesson in it.


  1. haven't heard about this...but would love to see this movie....thanks for the review....

  2. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Omg! omg! omg! i was watched it about 2 times and this is my 3rd time i watch it, and now i'm in episode 12, i love this drama because of seo kang joon oppa, L (myungsoo Infinite) oppa and joo sang woo ajusshi. i really love the precious means which tells about their love life and sincere heart and i love the way how they face any struggle of life and love
    who's did actor you love the most in this drama??.

    i love your post anyway, and i love thwe way you write about review of drama bytheway, oh ya if you never mind, would you like to follow me back via GFC?, and i'll follow you back asap :) <3

    1. love Seo Kang-Joon and Joo Sang-Woo too
      its a difficult choice if i must choose one of them
      love both of them and their character in this drama !

      thank you for your compliment Lita
      i appreciate it sooo much
      i love Korean drama and i want to share it here in my blog so if someone wants to watch it, they'll know if that drama suit their taste or not ^ ^
      glad to know that you love my post

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