Tuesday, September 8, 2015

(Korean Drama) Phantom

This drama is also known as "Ghost"
But, don't you worry cause there is no ghost in here and its not a horror drama.

Phantom ( 유령 )

Genre : Mystery, Psychological, Police Procedural
Episodes : 20

Main Cast :

Kim Woo-Hyun and Park Gi-yong is a bestfriend. They attend police school together. Even Kim Woo-hyun's father consider Park Gi-yong as his own son. But, something happen and it ruin everything and makes Park Gi-yong lose his trust to the police department and quit the school. After that incident , they never make contact. Until one day, fate make them find each other then change their identity to fix everything.

She makes mistakes when first start as a police but ends up being a good police woman. After all, who doesn't make mistakes right ?

This team is very solid.
You'll like it to watch how they work.

Jo Hyun-min is a very smart person but he become the monster that he hates.

My Thought

For those of you who like technology, mystery movie that makes us think throughout the film, you'll like this movie but, if you don't understand about digital media, maybe you'll find this movie a little bit confusing. hahahahaha like what i experienced when i watch this movie. Lucky me, i have a programmer husband so i can ask him a lot when i watch it. hahahahaha He must explain this and that through the drama. Thank you to my hubbie so i can understand the alien language. hahahahaha But, beside that, this drama is in my fav drama list. love it !