Sunday, May 8, 2016

( Korean Drama ) Descendants of The Sun

This drama is sooo famous
I've already soo interested to watch it when i saw the main character of this drama
But, this drama so good ? everyone talks about it..mmm let's see !!

Descendants of The Sun

Genre : Romance, Melodrama, Action, Comedy
Episodes : 16
Main Cast : 

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo !!
of course i should watch this drama !
also because everyone talks about it, i become so curious about it :D

This drama talks about this 4 people's love story. The main character is of course Song Jong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. But, in my opinion, Seo Dae-young has a funny character too hahaha 

Actually, Kang Mo-yeon likes Yoo Si-jin. But, to be a girlfriend from a special forces needs a lot of courage and tolerance. That makes Kang Mo-yeon very confused !! He likes the man but don't really like the consequences of his job or maybe afraid of the consequences of his job.

While they're doing their job, their love also grows and slowly but sure, their relationship grows stronger.

Here is one of the first scene when Seo Dae-young just met Yoon Myeong-jo.

My Thought

in loooveee with this drama !! and of course love the main character but love Seo Dae-young too hahahaha i find it that towards the end there is a lot of laugh in this drama hahahaha love the story too. Not just an ordinary love story. 

Have you watch it ?
What do you think ?


  1. I haven't watched this but some of my office mates have (more than once, I might add) and have been gushing about it all month!