Monday, August 22, 2016

(Korean Drama) She Was Pretty

Have you ever felt ashame for yourself ?
I have

She Was Pretty

Genre : Romantic, Comedy, Workplace Drama
Episodes : 16
Main Cast :

Hwang Jung-eum as Kim Hye-jin
Park Seo-joon as Ji Song-joon
Go Joon-hee as Min Ha-ri
Choi Siwon as Kim Shin-hyuk

Little Kim Hye-jin is soo cute. At least, i think she was cute :p But, as soon as puberty comes, everything change. She also doesn't have enough money to change her looks because she was so focused with her tuition's money. So, when her friend from her past wants to see her, she is so ashamed about herself and ask her other friend to pretend to be her.

This is, Kim Hye-jin when she was just a little kid. Cute right ?

This drama has the same main actress as "Kill Me, Heal Me" You should watch that drama too !! Its a funny drama hahahaha

Finally, at the end, Kim Hye-jin can be herself again and meet with the person that can accept who she is. 

My Thought

People often judged by their looks.Its true that we must present ourself well because it means that we can appreciate ourself. First, we must appreciate ourself and then people around us will follow. But, sometimes appearance is not everything. A lot of the time, people that doesn't have the looks is the kindest person in the world. 
Its a very good drama to behave well even with the person that we think doesn't have the looks because if we know them, maybe our capabilities isn't as good as them :)

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