Friday, October 21, 2016

(Korean Drama) Doctors

loovee this drama !!


Genre : Medical Drama, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes : 20
Main Cast :
Kim Rae-won as Hong Ji-hong
Park Shin-hye as Yoo Hye-jung
Yoon Kyun-sang as Jung Yoon-do
Lee Sung-kyung as Jin Seo-woo

Their relationship start from between teacher and student into something else. But, before they start it, someone force them to stop and find another path in their life.

After, such a loongg time, finally Yoo Hye-jung become a doctor. She's not just pretty but she is a professional female fighter too. very girl power right ? You should see how Hye-jung fight !!

Even her colleague that doesn't like her at first, finally fall in love with her hahahahaha

Finally, after a loonggg time, they see each other again with different situation and of course its a better situation than before. Their relationship teach Hye-jung that sometimes she doesn't have to be alone and so brave. She can lean to someone and be a little more relax with life.

My Thought

Like this drama. It teach me a lot of things. In a relationship, we can lean to each other. That's what a relationship are for. Also, no need to get some revenge. Of course its very difficult ! because you want that person to get punished by yourself but, we don't need to work hard for some revenge that will tire us. "Karma" will done it for us. 

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