Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Worry !! Be Happy !!

everyone wants to be happy right ?
some people even willing to pay whatever it needs to be happy.
In my opinion, happiness is a state of mind. Its your choice if you want to be happy or not. Sometimes its soooo hard...i i have a few simple things that you can do to cheer you up again :

  1. Pamper yourself. Going to the spa, salon, take a hot shower, etc. After pamper yourself, you can boost your confidence and ready to face the world again.
  2. Watch comedy movie. When i feel sad, i will watch some comedy movie, laughing throughout the film and after that, i can feel better.
  3. Smile !! even if you don't want it. Just do it. First, it will feel like its a fake, but over time, it will boost your mood and you just need to go with the flow. 
  4. Exercise. Go to the gym or just take a walk around your home. When you are sweating, your body produce endorphin hormone that can be your mood booster. 
  5. Meet your friends. Sometimes meet some friend can cheer you up. 
  6. Stop Nagging !! Nagging won't solve the problem. Instead of nagging, if someone won't do the job for you, just do it yourself. Nagging will definitely decrease your mood.
  7. Don't misunderstand bored with sad. Maybe you just bored with the routine, your schedule, etc and you misunderstand that as sad. That's not sad. You just bored. Find something new. Something that you have never done before or something that challenge you.
  8. Don't ignore that you're sad. If you're sad, admit it and if you need some time alone or pampering yourself to boost your mood or etc, just do it. Because after that, you'll feel much relieved than ignoring your feeling.
  9. Chocolate !! For you chocolate lovers, its a very good news. You can eat dark chocolate and according to some research, it can stimulates hormone that can make you stay calm and relaxed.
  10. Take your time. If you're going through an event that really really really makes you sad, just take your time. Don't push yourself to be happy. If all you need is being sad, so be it. Take your time. Its okay.
so that's it !! hope this post can help you out guys.. ^ ^
hope you all have a lovely weekend..

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Ah I'm agree with most of these :D
    To be happy is definitely our choice at the end :)