Friday, January 3, 2014

Review L'oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence

Hi guys !!

This is my first post in this new year !! yeeyy... hope 2014 will be a great year for you all :) 
Now in this post, i'm going to share my experience about this wonderful product. I have been wearing it probably about 2 or 3 month now and i'm loving it. FYI, i have oily combination skin and i have been looking for anti aging cream that doesn't breaks me out because most of anti aging products is very moisturizing (mean oily sometimes) and that can give me break out. :( so i'm looking for an anti aging product that is not too thick and i find this !! 

 Here is the ingredients.

 It says that we can see the result from the first use. errr,, nope.. i see the result when i use it in second or third time. i feel my skin is moisturized, so plump and fresh. I use it just at night because it is kind of anti aging product and i think anti aging product works best at night (our skin heals when we sleep) and because i use THIS PRODUCT for day time.

It contains 30 ml of product. 

The texture is runny and i just need a small amount of it for my whole face and of course i give it to my neck too. You must take care of your neck skin too right ?  It was silky, light and it sinks fast to my skin.

Another thing i realized when i used this product, i have pimples back then (its okay to have pimples once or twice a month, its normal..) and i have itchy hand aannddd ended up with a wound  T.T   usually it takes a week that my wound will start to heal buuttt surprisingly, it heals in 3 days WOOWW !!!

YES !!
i will repurchase this again because i like it makes my skin feel moisturized, plump and fresh also i don't get break out because of it. and the amazing thing is my wound heals super fast when i use this product.

Errr...NO !!
i think nothing. i like this product.

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