Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Unboxing Beauty Treats Indonesia December 2013

Hi everyone !!
today i'm going to share my december beauty box. It comes from Beautytreats Indonesia and i'm so excited to know what's inside it !! Now let's open the box..

Love the color of the box and the white ribbon. I also got some catalog too.

When i open the box, the product is wrapped with white cloth and there is a white ribbon too.

This is the product that i got. Actually i'm quite disappointed with the product that they give me. Most of them is just sample and i don't like the model of the eyelashes. :( But i think i'll give it a try. I have read a couple review of the old box and i think the product in their old box (back when their box are still worth Rp 95.000/ per month) is way more worth it. Now they increase the price into Rp 125.000 so please BTI...put better product in it..

what about you guys ? have you ever got your beauty box ? are you satisfied with the product they put inside it ? let me know in the comment below  ^ ^


  1. Actually, the content of this box looks quite interesting but it's really a shame that you're dissatisfied with most of those things.
    Nevertheless, I hope you're going to enjoy Christmas!


    1. because i saw the previous boxes has a lot of better product in regular size and they give voucher too..so i'm quiet disappointed that most of the product i got is just sample :(

      hope you enjoy christmas too !
      ^ ^

  2. Great items there... hope you had a great holidays!