Sunday, June 1, 2014

Korean Drama Review - Secret Garden

Hi gorgeous !!
Today i will share about a Korean Drama called "Secret Garden". Its a very funny drama. Also romantic and has some action in it. When i saw the first episode, spontaneously what i think is, in one of the scene, this girl's action looks like Lara Croft ! lol but that's just my personal opinion.
Now let's jump to the review !

Beware !!
You must use your imagination when you watch this movie :p

시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fantasy and Action
Episodes : 20
Aired on : SBS on 13 November 2010 to 16 January 2011

Main Cast :
Ha Ji-Won - Gil Ra-Im
Hyun Bin - Kim Joo-Won
Yoon Sang-Hyun - Oska / Choi Woo-Young
Kim Sa-Rang - Yoon Seul

This is one of the first scene of this drama. See ?! This is why i think she is like Lara Croft !


Kim Joo-Won is a wealthy CEO but had some trauma and Gil Ra-Im is an orphan stuntwoman that seems like she's not afraid of anything. Then Kim Joo-Won met Gil Ra-Im because of some misunderstanding and he fall in love with her. He is thinking of her all the time and very stressed out about it. Until he decides to chase the girl. He followed Gil Ra-Im everywhere !! Then one day, they switch the body because of Gil Ra-Im's late father!! ( Can you imagine a girl soul in man's body ?? lol Gil Ra-Im and Kim Joo-Won is very very shocked ! LOL ) But it makes them understand each other's life while they hardly trying to find a way to get back to their own bodies.

Kim Joo-Won followed Gil Ra-Im to the action school and finally he registered as the action school's member.

When they witch the body, of course they don't act like themselves. So everyone is so confused.

I enjoy this movie a lot !! It has so much fun in it ! I laugh a lot when they switch their body because they do a lot of thing that the real Gil Ra-Im or the real Kim Joo-Won won't do it. As an example, when Kim Joo-Won (in Gil Ra-Im's body) met Kim Joo-Won's mother and as typical rich mother that her son fall in love with someone that's not their level, she offers some money to stay away from their son. The real Gil Ra-Im of course won't accept that money. But its Kim Joo-Won (in Gil Ra-Im's body). Kim Joo-Won accepts that money and spend it all in one day !! and when his mom knows about that, she becomes so confused even his aunt said "is there a girl like that ? wow !" Seems like she is so amazed LOL and that makes his mother more upsad.

I give this drama 5/5 !
Do you ever watch it ? what do you think ?
Any other drama recommendation ? 
please tell me in the comment section below because i would love to watch it !


  1. Huaaa.. ini film fav q loo.. haahahha..
    Sampe nonton berulang kalii. Lucu.. romantiss..

    Thanks ud follow blog q.. q ud follback yaa dear (^3^)

    1. iyaa
      lucu + romantis banget !
      thanks juga udah follback dear ^ ^

  2. LOOOOOOOVE this film to the maks! aku suka banget hyun bin heheheheeh :D
    followed your blog ^^

    1. aku juga sukaaaa banget sama film ini !
      Hyun Bin nya juga sukaa hehhehehhe perannya lucu + romantis bangeet

      thank you for following my blog ^_^