Monday, October 13, 2014

(Korean Drama) You're The Best, Lee Soon-shin

Another korean drama to review but this time it comes in 50 episodes ! Quite long huh ? So, let's see if its epic.

This drama isn't all about love. Its like all in one movie. Starts from love, how to build a relationship when you don't like your partner's family, family's life, etc.

You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin / 최고다 이순신

Genre : Romance, Family, Comedy and Drama
Episodes : 50

Main Cast :
IU as Lee Soon-shin
Jo Jung-suk as Shin Joon-ho
Go Doo-shim as Kim Jung-ae
Lee Mi-sook as Song Mi-ryung / Kyung-sook

Kim Jung-ae raised Lee Soon-shin as her own daughter when her husband tells her that he found a child abandoned crying alone. Soon-shin has 2 sister. The older one already married with a rich man and the second one got a pretty good job. Also they're all very pretty. In the other hand, Soon-shin, who is just graduated, is going through a hard time to find a good job for herself because she doesn't have any specific ability. People says that she is not pretty unlike her sisters too. But, she is still so excited in finding a job even its low-paying and temporary job. Then, she meets this swindler, who claims that he is Shin Joon-ho, the CEO of a talent agency, and that Lee Soon-shin will be a great actress. Turns out, its all a fraud !!
Lee Soon-shin trapped in a quite huge debt !! But, looks like fate leads her to the real Shin Joon-ho....

In an interview, nobody ask her for a question because her resume is not interesting at all
first met with Shin Joon-ho, Soon-shin spilled food and drink all over Shin Joon-ho's body in a party. Great !!
This drama isn't about just 1 couple. It tells you about Soon-shin's sister relationship too.
My Thought

When i watch this drama, there is one sentence that keeps going in my mind :

"When you loss something because you choose to loss it, then don't make a hope that you'll get it back" 

Its one of my must watch movie. Just because you can watch a lot of things going on. Not just another love story but there is family life too in there. So everyone can watch it.

Have you watch it ?
what do you think ?
Do you have other korean drama recommendation ?


  1. panjang amad ya 50 episode ky sinetron lama-lama, bikin males downloadnya wkwkwk ..
    yg its okay its love udah nonton ?

    1. iya
      yang males download nya ya
      download malem / pagi aja
      tinggal tidur ato kemana gitu jadi gak krasa hehehe
      its okay its love udah "the end" belom ya ?
      happy end gak ?

  2. This is interesting! :) 50 episodes is awesome! :D