Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dry Skin No More ! Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Butter

When you scratch your skin, there's some white marks left ?
This is the answer for that..

Mustika Ratu Olive Zaitun Body Butter

Product description
"For thousand of years, olive oil have been known as having outstanding medical and cosmetic benefits. Formulation of Olive Body Butter Mustika Ratu contains olive oil as natural moisturizer of your body's skin and able to help avoiding skin dryness and scaly and keep the skin softness."

 The product weight is 200gr. It comes in a big round plastic jar and when you open it, there is an aluminium foil to wrap the product. So we know that this product is new. None has ever used it before. Put it in a smaller jar if you want to bring it when you go travelling since it quite big and heavy.

The product itself has light green color. The texture is very creamy and thick. Its very moisturizing but poorly absorbed and be careful it has no SPF so when you want to go outside and you still want to use this, mix this with your SPF body lotion. I personally prefer mix this with my body lotion. I feel my skin is easier to absorb this product when i mix it with my body lotion and i can get something more moisturizing than body lotion but less greasy than body butter. The product price is cheaper than high end body butter too. yeeyy !!

Love this product. This is already my second jar ^ ^

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