Tuesday, October 8, 2013

is he serious with me or not ?

Some of the girls in the relationship maybe think like the title of this blogpost..
is he serious with me ? or not ?

Here is some question you need to ask to yourself :

1. Is he always introduces all his friends to you ?
A guy who wants to be serious with you won't be so ashamed to introduce you to all his friends right ?

2. Do you know all of his family ?
Its important to get to know his family. It means he wants to be serious with you. Family is a big deal so if he introduce you to them, he is REALLY serious.

3. Do you have a title ?
when he met his friend or family, what did he introduces you as ? if he introduces you as a friend, do you really think he is serious with you ?

4. Do you know where is going to be ?
He is not hiding from you.

5. Do you have more information than just his phone number ?
Its the same with poin 4. If he is serious, nothing to hide right ?

6. Did he holds your hand in public ?
This is kind of prove that he is with you. Like an unwritten statement.

7. Is he try to spend time with you more ?
if he really in love with you, don't you think that he will always want to be with you ?

8. When you met his family / friends, do they already know about you ?
He's talking about you to his family and friends is a sign that you matter.

9. Between you and his friends, which one did he choose ?
if he chose to spend the night with his friends than with you, are you really think that he is serious with you ? He needs to have time with his friends, so do we. But if most of the time he chose to be with his friends than accompanied you, mmm.. maybe you should think about it..

10. Is he always be there for you when you need him ?
he would want to always be there for you if he is really serious with you.

Maybe not all of the thing must be checked, but if most of these things happens, HE IS SERIOUS !! you can dance now (/^o^)/

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