Monday, October 28, 2013

hurry !! hurry !! hurry !!

in some morning, as soon as the alarm scream, maybe there is only one word that you have in your head. "HURRY !!HURRY !! HURRY !!" and when you are in a hurry, everything seems goes wrong.. (>_<)

here i have some tips to speed things up and minimize the "wrong" things :

1. Prepare your outfit the night before
so you don't have to be worry what should you wear tomorrow

2. Prepare your bag and all of your work the night before
prepare all the things you are going to bring so you can just grab it.

3. Put all the things you are going to bring in one place
so tomorrow when you're in a hurry you don't have to be confused that my  car key is still in my room, my bag is in my living room, my jacket in on my bed, etc. Everything is still scattered all over the place (@_@)

4. Simplify your make up
Make your make up as simple as possible.

5. Breakfast
prepare your breakfast the night before or if you forget to do that, just buy it in your way to the school or office.

hope this tips could help your morning (^_^)

see you in the next post and thanks for reading guys !!


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