Monday, May 19, 2014

Desperately NEED False Eyelashes !!

Hi Gorgeous !!
Today i'm going to share about my need for false eyelashes. 
FYI, i have sparse eyelashes and my eyelashes is facing down. I always adore girls who has thick and curly eyelashes. 

see ?
I have already coat it with lots of mascara but it didn't show up. so sad T_T

That's why i really need false eyelashes ! It can open my eyes and makes it stunning. But for daily basis, i prefer to use the natural one so it won't become too obvious that i wear false eyelashes. At first, it feels very difficult to put false eyelashes on my eyes. Its because when i put on my false eyelashes, the glue is still wet so it moves around so much and won't stick to my eyes. Now, i learn the lesson. So i let the glue get tacky first, then i put it on my eyes. And WAALLAA !!! It sticks !! When i got it right for the first time, i feel so happy like a child getting some ice cream hahaha

For now, i need false eyelashes even more ! Its because i know how to use it also i love the result when i use false eyelashes (it opens my eyes and makes it more stunning !). And i'm so happy when i know that Falaqie Nila from made up this Yukkiyuna giveaway. Yukkiyuna is a false eyelashes brand from Indonesia. Their packaging is so cute with the girls, the flowers around her, pink box and i like their font too. Its very lightweight, made from human hair (so it will be easier to blend with natural lashes), reusable and handmade.

Lets join this giveaway !
Hope i can win it and wish me luck ^ ^