Friday, May 16, 2014

Review Freshkon Dezigner

I got my Freshkon Dezigner softlense a few month ago and got very excited about it !! 

Freshkon Dezigner is consist of 4 shade : pink solitaire, aqua solitaire, orange solitaire and green solitaire. 

The diameter is only 14.2 mm so it won't makes your eyes look bigger or at least i don't feel like my eyes look bigger when i wear it. Instead it makes my eyes more "alive"

I got mine in -2.00 for both eyes and in aqua solitaire color. At first, i feel a bit uncomfortable with this softlense. FYI, i have sensitive eyes. But, when i wear it for the second time, it doesn't matter anymore. It feels light and comfortable. I like the pattern on the softlense too. Very pretty !!

 This is some selfie that i got when i wear it. What do you think ?
I think if i got a chance, i will go for the orange solitaire one. I like the pattern and the color of this softlense, but when i wear it, i feel like my eyes looks like siberian hushky's blue eyes hahaha

anyway thank you Freshkon Indonesia for the softlense !!

see you in the next post...


  1. It looks so nice on you! ^^
    Done following back your blog <3
    Keep success :D