Wednesday, May 14, 2014

La Tulipe Milk Cleanser

Hi gorgeous !!
Todays post will be about "La Tulipe Milk Cleanser". It comes in a white plastic bottle with dark blue screw cap. The contents is 250 ml. I like the plastic bottle because its not going to break when i accidentally drop it and it won't easily break too in my suitcase when i go traveling.

At the back of the bottle there is a direction how to wear it and the ingredients.

The milk cleanser itself has a white color and feels oily. I just wear it when i have my "heavy" makeup on. Usually i clean my face using this milk cleanser first then i wash my face using Larissa Facial Foam Tea Tree Opaque. Unfortunately, this milk cleanser doesn't fit me well. It makes me have a lot of breakout ! i don't know whether its the mineral oil that makes me break out or other ingredients. Its also feels greasy and i feel like its not really clean my face. I don't like the smell either.

YES !!!
plastic bottle
can bring it when traveling

Errr... NO !!!
makes me break out
not so clean
don't like the perfume

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