Monday, April 21, 2014

L’Oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Harmony

Hi gorgeous !!
Today i will do a review on one of my favorite eye shadow palette. Its L’Oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Harmony. For those of you that follows my youtube channel must have already familiar with this palette because i use it a lot !! maybe it appears in almost all of my videos >.<

It comes in a black square plastic packaging. Most of the front packaging is a clear plastic so we can see the color in the palette without opening the palette.

It also has a small mirror in the bottom but i personally think that the mirror is too small :( what do you think ? have you ever use it ?

It comes with the instruction on how to apply the eyeshadows which is quite helpful for the beginners. All the colors in this palette is a shimmery color. A lot of glitter in it. So for those of you who hates glitter, maybe this one isn't for you. It has smooth texture and very easy to blend. The color is quite pigmented except for the gold. If you want to know how i use it, just click HERE and HERE .

YES !!
Beautiful natural shade (champagne, gold, and brown the glitter in my opinion isn't too overwhelming)
Its really great for newbies because it has instruction at the back.
Easy to blend
Stays put for a long time
Can bring it for traveling

Errr... NO !!
The mirror is waayy too small for me
For some women maybe its too shimmery


  1. I love the warm colors :) It's perfect for a smokey eye ^_^ thanx for the review dear! btw, I found your blog through GIG :) following you now via bloglovin' ^_^ I certainly hope you can visit my blog as well and wish that you follow back :)
    gigLove♥ from

    1. thank you for following dear..
      i've already followed you via bloglovin too
      and congrats on your pregnancy!! hope everything goes well until the day comes ^ ^

  2. The shades are just gorgeous, xoxo.

  3. Love the champagne colors on that palette! Looks very natural and delicate

    1. It is
      sometimes i use it as a highlighter too

  4. The warm colours are very enchanting ^^

    I do love shimmery eye shadow colours ^^

    恵美より ♥