Wednesday, June 3, 2015

( Korean Drama ) Shinning Inheritance

Hellooww everybody ^ ^
its time for korean drama review again :D

Brilliant Legacy / Shinning Inheritance ( 찬란한 유산 )

Episodes : 28
 Main Cast :

Go Eun-sung and Sun Woo-hwan is a rich kid with totally different attitude. Sun Woo-hwan is a rich kid whose grandma want him to inherit her company include her idealism but he insist that he don't want it. Go Eun-sung is a rich kid but then her father got bankrupt next she met Sun Woo-hwan's grandma and got the heritage. Its making Sun Woo-hwan very angry...

Those chocolate bags is just the beginning....

There is a triangle love too here and its very interesting..

Go Eun-sung is trying to teach the rich boy how to lower his ego and its tough

I like this drama because you learn so much things from it. We all love our children. Buutt, spoil them too much maybe isn't a good option. Also sometimes, you can't get someone's love with being at his / her side as long as you can remember or kindness. Sometimes, the phrase "witting tresno jalaran saka kulino" is just doesn't work at all. 


  1. hi lovely,it looks like a good novel, thanks for sharing.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. it is
      really a good movie
      can learn a lot from it :)

  2. I've many friends who're into the Korean dramas lately =)

  3. aaah! the guy from Gumiho! :D interesting.


    1. yeess Jewel
      that's what came to my mind when i watch this drama for the first time

  4. XD jalan critanya bagus ya,Go Eun-sung yang strong,likee deh

  5. wwooaaa shinning inheritance, that's drama i like the most, i was watched that drama 5th times, i love all about korea stuff, wooaa are you loves k-pop thingy too?,
    nice to meet you girls :)

    1. yeess
      especially i loove their flawless and glowy face